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“Finish Line” Part 1 – Review of THE FLASH #759

Buckle up, folks, we are in for the ride of our lives! As for Barry Allen, he is in a battle for his life, as Eobard Thawne has taken over…everything. This arc looks to take everything writer Joshua Williamson has given us during his run on the THE FLASH and dials it up to eleven. This is the Flash mythos on overdrive. And, if you think I am geeking out too much…nope, haven’t even gotten started on telling you about this issue yet! Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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A Double Dose of Speed Force – Review THE FLASH #63 and THE FLASH ANNUAL #2!

This week brought us not one, but TWO books featuring the Scarlet Speedster! In THE FLASH #63 we continue Force Quest, while in THE FLASH ANNUAL we witness the return of Godspeed…along with a VERY special guest star! Both are well worth the read for any Flash fan, though you may need a box of tissues handy for part of the stories. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!

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Who IS the Fastest Man Alive? Review of THE FLASH #50

Joshua Williamson has delivered an amazing end to FLASH WAR, with all the elements one needs for an epic conclusion. The battle ends with major consequences for all. Not all the outcomes are good…but some are outstanding! We set the stage for HUGE adventures going forward without diminishing the impact of this arc. And, we finally answer the question, “Who IS the Fastest Man Alive?” Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven’t read THE FLASH #50, STOP HERE and read it first! You will be glad you did!

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SDCC Quick Hits: Movie Schedule, Young Justice Kid Flash, LEGO Flash, Metal

Sadly we don’t have anyone on-site at Comic-Con International this year, but we do have the internet, so we’re following along with everyone else. Here’s a quick round-up of news from the first day and a half of the convention:

One of the attractions at this year’s LEGO booth is a life-size LEGO Flash based on the DCEU movie costume.

Delays on pre-production for the Flash movie mean that Shazam will film next, likely to release in 2019. It’s clear the Flash film won’t make its 2018 target, but there are three days left for DC/WB to make announcements — and he features prominently in new Justice league images.

The live-action Titans TV series is going into production

Young Justice: Outsiders (season 3 of the cartoon) showed off new character designs including Bart Allen as Kid Flash.

DC unveiled the Dark Knights, the villains of Metal (though we’ve already seen the Flash counterpart The Red Death, in the Flash #33 cover).

Stay tuned for more as the weekend continues!

So Long, Farewell…Review of TEEN TITANS #29

teen titans 29 coverIt has finally come to this…the trial of Kid Flash, and now Solstice is complete and they are preparing for transport to the prison planet.  It’s a time of goodbyes, of thinking about what might have been and what might yet be…


We start issue #29 with Solstice’s story, and why she cares so much for Kid Flash.  There are some sad goodbyes here, as Tim Drake not only says goodbye to Bart and Kiran but to his vision of the Titans.  His words for Bart are a bit surprising, but what he does after saying goodbye to them is an even bigger surprise…won’t spoil it here, though.  In the end, the remaining Titans make their way back to their own time, and what they find leads us into the upcoming final battle with Harvest so hold on to your hats!

Scott Lobdell has written another excellent script for this series.  I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – your opinion of this story and this series will depend in no small part on whether you can take this New 52 Titans group at face value.  If you are looking for the pre-FLASHPOINT Bart, he isn’t here.  But, if you are looking for a well-crafted tale this is definitely worth the read.  The artwork is exceptional – Scott McDaniel handles the breakdowns, with Tyler Kirkham taking the artwork from there and Arif Prianto on colors.  There is a bittersweet quality to much of this issue, with some interesting twists as well.  There is just one more issue left in the series…that’s a sad note as well, but I am looking forward to the big battle with Harvest next issue.

The Explosive Trial! Review of Teen Titans #27

Teen Titans 27 coverBart Allen…er, Bar Torr is on trial in the bleak future that he left, a prisoner of the Functionary that had sent him to our time as part of their “Witness Protection Program”.  The other Titans are there, having learned just how far Kid Flash had gone in his earlier fight against the rulers of his time.  Now, the Titans seem helpless as they watch the lead-up to a massive show trial…and that’s where we pick up to Teen Titans #27.


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