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Blue Lantern Flash HeroClix

HeroClix is working on a Blackest Night starter set featuring the heroes and villains deputized in Blackest Night #6, and has been releasing photos and descriptions over at the WizKids Games blog. Today’s entry isn’t up yet…but ICv2 has the Blue Lantern Barry Allen figure.

I think this is the clearest depiction I’ve seen of Barry Allen’s Blue Lantern costume. The BN:Flash #3 cover comes close, but parts of the design are still obscured by lightning.

Click over to ICv2 for the description, card and dial.

Review: Blackest Night: The Flash #2

If there’s one thing that best describes Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins’ Blackest Night: The Flash #2, it’s “caught in the middle.” It’s the middle of a three-part story. It takes place between chapters of a larger story. It fits between the end of one Flash series and the beginning of another. It’s about people caught between life and death.

It’s also about mirror images, both in terms of opposites and in terms of forcing characters to look at themselves.

Unfortunately, it looks like this miniseries isn’t going to stand on its own very well, for the simple reason that it’s not a self-contained chapter of Blackest Night. Each issue is interleaved within other chapters of the larger story. The first issue brought readers up to speed with Blackest Night #4. This one doesn’t pick up where the last issue left off, but skips ahead and has to recap a couple of major events from Blackest Night #5 & #6.

That may be a big part of why I liked the Rogues’ story a lot better than the Flash’s: their story actually does seem to be a solid story, not a loose collection of scenes that fit between panels in another series. In that way, it reminds me a lot of Battlestar Galactica: The Plan.

Of course, another reason I liked the Rogues’ story is that it’s hard to go wrong with Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins on the Rogues. As I mentioned last time, Johns’ grim-and-gritty storytelling and Kolins’ angular art style are perfectly suited for the hardened Central/Keystone criminals…and for the undead Black Lanterns.

And now…it’s spoiler time! Continue reading