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Media Blitz: Venditti, Jensen & Booth on Wally West & Future Flash

After the last issue of The Flash, Newsarama and Comic Book Resources spoke to the writers and penciller of the series about the just-finished and upcoming stories.

CBR: Venditti and Jensen Form “The Flash” Fight Club with Four Flashes.

Regarding future Barry:

…what we’ve explored with this future version of Barry is that he has decades under his belt of seeing the justice system fail. What happens when he decides that course of trying to make things right doesn’t work? Now, he’s taking matters into his own hands.

As far as present-day Barry Allen’s current status:

Barry has quite a journey that he must undergo from the end of “The Flash” #35 to where that story ends — not only in terms of where Barry is but that fact that he is without his powers. He has quite a journey to get back to Central City and Patty and the life that he is supposed to have, and how different he is when he gets to that point is as much a part of the journey as how far he has to travel.

They talk about the Rogues, and how we’ll be seeing some new villains soon, including the two that future Flash name-dropped: Overload and Plague.

Newsarama: Brett Booth on Redesigning Wally West & Bringing the Future Flash

On designing future Wally West’s Flash outfit:

Wally’s costume is actually based on a proposal I did years ago. He’s sort of a hybrid between Flash, Kid Flash and Max Mercury. I had to talk very fast to get them to change the open top to the regular skullcap.

And on designing the future Barry Allen’s costume:

I used Barry’s current costume as the base, I added in a bit of tech, and that was that. I wanted a more armored look, a darker look, but I also wanted to show him being more in control of the Speed Force.

I covered his face in the energy to keep who he was a secret — didn’t know they were going to reveal it in the first issue.

I did pull a bit of John Fox for the earpieces, a nod to the old universe.

Regarding Wally in general:

The purists aren’t happy because he was changed, but the rest of folks seem to be OK and even happy with the change. I know some bi-racial fans are very happy; they are now represented in the Flash Universe.

My hope is to get him some powers and maybe a spin off book! Wally was cool because he was an out superhero, and while the secret identity works for most characters, he is simply the Flash; you get what you see, warts and all. Doing that with a teen would be interesting and could be a lot of fun!

The Future Looks Like…Wally!? Review of FUTURES END FLASH #1

Flash Futures End 1This FUTURES END tie-in gives us a battle we’ve been waiting for months to see – Barry versus Future Barry! Oh, but don’t think that’s all here, not in this jam-packed issue of THE FLASH! There’s a reason for what you see on the cover…and if you think that’s the only big deal here, you are very, very wrong.


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Time…and Again (Review of FLASH #34)

Flash 34In this issue of THE FLASH, Barry tracks down the Mashup Killer and the Future Flash travels ever closer to our time! Time is the big theme here…it’s time to try and capture the Mashup Killer, time to revisit Daniel West (who is still doing time), and the Future Flash is still running back through time on his way to our time. Can he save future Wally before he runs out of time?


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The Mashup Killer! Review of THE FLASH #33

Flash #33As the Future Flash continues his run back to our time, Barry Allen is on two trails (or should I say, three).  Who is the “Mashup Killer”, where is Wally, and why does Barry keep losing time every time he runs?  That’s where we pick up with THE FLASH #33, out today!


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Change is Coming – Review of THE FLASH #32

Flash 32 FinalThis issue of THE FLASH may not reveal everything that is coming down the road for Barry, Wally, and company…but one thing is certain.  Change IS coming, for Barry’s personal life, for his work at THE FLASH, and for at least one more Rogue!  Want to know more?  Read on…but remember we still give…


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Future Barry’s Long Road Back Continues in FLASH #31 (review)

Flash #31The Future Flash is coming…but he has a few stops to make along the way.  He’s already killed the Future Grodd…what more does he have planned before meeting himself in the present?   That’s where we pick up in THE FLASH #31!


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