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As Gorilla Warfare Ends, We Get Ready to Go Into…Reverse! (Review of The Flash #17)

Flash #17 Final CoverThe Flash #17 gives us the conclusion of “Gorilla Warfare”, wrapping up several story threads while launching us headlong into new and uncharted waters for the New52 Barry Allen.  Gorilla Grodd has proven to be a more than able opponent for the Flash, who has needed the help of his Rogues Gallery just to stay on even footing…up to now.


First Look at The New Reverse-Flash! [SPOILERS]

In addition to the climactic showdown between Flash and Grodd for Central City and the Speed Force, today’s Flash #17 gave readers the first look at the new Reverse-Flash!


Speculation on the villain’s new identity has been rampant since the announcement that there would be an all-new Reverse-Flash for the New 52.  Kelson presented an analysis of the possibilities and guest writer Scott Timms made the case for erstwhile Flash Wally West as the new opposite number for Barry Allen’s heroic identity.  While the identity remains a mystery, today’s issue provided the first look and at least answered a couple of the up-front questions.  Follow the jump for the reveal!

Beware, SPOILERS for FLASH #17’s reveal of the new REVERSE-FLASH are after the jump.  You’ve been warned!

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Flash #17 Preview and This Week’s Flash & Impulse

Flash #17 Final Cover

DC has released a preview of Flash #17, out this Wednesday, on The Source:

After the exciting events of last issue, The Flash has transported himself and Gorilla Grodd into the Speed Force for a final showdown! This month, Barry Allen’s battle with Grodd comes to its bone-crunching conclusion in the finale of “Gorilla Warfare”. Will The Flash be able to defeat Grodd, who now shares the power of the Speed Force? And can Central City survive without the help of the Scarlet Speedster? Find out in THE FLASH #17, which also features the introduction of one of The Flash’s greatest foes! In stores this Wednesday, THE FLASH #17 comes to you from the creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. Click here for an exclusive preview of the issue.

The “greatest foe” being introduced is the new Reverse-Flash as announced back in November. We’ve speculated on the villain’s identity a few times, since the next storyline (beginning in Flash #20 after Francis Manapul takes a two-issue break) will focus on that question.

Justice League Beyond continues its “Flashdrive” storyline on Saturday while Smallville Season 11 takes a week off to focus on a side story.

Meanwhile, in digital re-releases at ComiXology….

Flash #115: Race Against Time!

The Flash #114-115: “Race Against Time” continues as Wally West bounces around the future, encountering the Tornado Twins Don and Dawn Allen, and later John Fox, guardian of the Time Museum. In the present day, Fox tries to take Wally West’s place (in more ways than one) as he investigates a missing Iris Allen and the threat of an impending ice age. Also: Speed Metal. Mark Waid with Anthony Castrillo, Jim Cheung & Anibal Rodriguez on the John Fox pages; Oscar Jimenez & Jose Marzan, Jr. on the Wally West pages.

Impulse #57

Impulse #57: A special Christmas issue with Impulse, Plastic Man, and Mr. Mxytzptlk. Do you really need to know anything else? Todd Dezago, Ethan van Sciver, Prentis Rollins.

Impulse #58: Max Mercury takes center stage as we learn of a tragic event from his past involving inventor Lucius Keller…an event that will one day impact the distant future, creating a “Dark Tomorrow.” Meanwhile, Bart gets a virus. Todd Dezago, Ethan van Sciver, Jamal Igle, Prentis Rollins.

Barry Turns Himself In To…Grodd??? Yes! (Review of Flash #16)

Flash 16 coverThe “Gorilla Warfare” story arc is moving quickly toward next issue’s final chapter, and Barry Allen believes he has finally found the way to fight back against a very powerful King Gorilla Grodd.  The multiple story threads we’ve seen so far in this story are quickly coming together, and we are once again in for a very wild ride in Flash #16.  The solicitation for this issue promised a trip into the Speed Force, the “introduction of a major villain”, and the story of the “one and only date between Barry Allen and Iris West”.  Once again, the team of Manapul and Buccellato delivered on that and much more.  And, strangely enough, Occam’s Razor takes a significant role in this issue.

As we get ready to start this issue, Barry has been recovering from a vicious beating at the hands of King Grodd, carefully watched over by Patty Spivot.  At the end of last issue, Barry’s Speed Mind hit high gear, playing through several potential plans of action and their outcomes, with Barry awakening at the end of issue #15 with the realization that his only course of action was…to turn himself over to Grodd!


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Flash #16 Preview at IGN

Flash #16 Final Cover

IGN has a preview of Flash #16, the second-to-last chapter of “Gorilla Warfare.”

The Flash takes Grodd into the Speed Force in a last-ditch effort to defeat the mad gorilla! And…he loses?! Plus: The Rogues, the introduction of a major villain and a look at the one and only date between Barry Allen and Iris West in The New 52!

The promised glimpse at that date is part of the preview.

Francis Manapul has also posted his art process for the included pages.

Flash #16 by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato arrives on shelves on Wednesday.

This Week: Flash #14 and Impulse vs. Grim ‘n’ Gritty


This week sees the release of The Flash #14, part two of Gorilla Warfare, by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. Preview at CBR.

Gorilla Grodd’s more powerful than ever, and the Flash is completely outmatched! Who will give their life defending Central City against the ape invasion?

ComiXology’s digital backissues have paused in releasing the early 1990s Flash, but Impulse is still going, with issues #37-38 by William Messner-Loebs and Craig Rousseau.

Impulse #37 parodies the grim-and-gritty 90s excess as Bart encounters the Glory Shredder, a vigilante who takes his anti-crime crusade too far.

In Impulse #38, a rising river threatens to flood Manchester, Alabama. Can two speedsters and a handful of quirky villains make the difference as the townspeople struggle to save their home?