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“Running to Stand Still” – Review of Ep 2.09 of THE FLASH

The mid-season finale is here, with some interesting reveals…and one reveal that doesn’t yet happen. Don’t worry, you WILL see Wally West (finally!) in this episode of THE FLASH! For the rest, follow us after the jump…


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“The Darkness and the Light” – Review of Ep 2.05 of THE FLASH

Love is in the air…along with anger, resentment, fear, and loathing…just about the full emotional spectrum is on display as we find more breachers and a LOT of surprises in another excellent episode of THE FLASH!


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Episode 119 of THE FLASH – “Who is Harrison Wells?”

This episode of The Flash had some big reveals, at least one big swerve (if you’ve been watching the preview clips), and some uneven results – but it still adds up to an episode that will have serious impact moving forward. Who IS Harrison Wells? Yes, WE know…but the fun is watching Barry, Joe and company figuring it out piece by piece.


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“Tricksters” – Review of Episode 117 of THE FLASH

In tonight’s episode, what happened 15 years ago takes center stage even as we are treated to a wonderful performance by Mark Hamill in the present day timeline…and if you thought you knew everything about that night, do we have surprises for you! All this and more, in an outstanding episode of THE FLASH!


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Poll Results: Who is Harrison Wells? (Updated)

One of The Flash TV series’ mysteries is Barry Allen’s benefactor at S.T.A.R. Laboratories, Harrison Wells. He’s got secret abilities, secret knowledge, a secret agenda, and only the vaguest of backstories, and if he’s not actually a time traveler, he at least has access to future knowledge.

We ran a poll over the last week asking readers which secret identity they thought was most likely. Here are the results.

Who is Harrison Wells? Poll results

The most popular theory, so far, is that he’s the Reverse Flash. A few people wrote in to specify Hunter Zolomon or Eobard Thawne. Future Barry Allen and “exactly who he says he is” were very a close second and third. After that, it was a sharp drop.

Write-ins Abra Kadabra (a time traveler who uses a lot of future technology) and Hunter Zolomon (wheelchair-bound, obsessed with making the Flash a better hero in his own twisted way) were popular, making me wonder how many people would have chosen them if I’d remembered to include Kadabra on the list, or split the two Zooms across separate options.

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