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“Luck Be A Lady” – Review of THE FLASH S4 Ep3

Ever had a really bad day? One that feels like the universe is totally against you? Is it bad luck? Is it…this week’s villain? Could be…in an episode that mixes high tension, great action, and hilarious scenes in equal measure. Hazard is here! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“Attack On Central City” Review of S3 Ep14 of THE FLASH

“There’s always another way.” That theme keeps coming through in this episode, and it makes “Attack on Central City” much more than just a battle with Grodd…even though the battle WAS fantastic! Grodd has used Gypsy’s abilities to bring an entire gorilla army to Earth One, with the singular goal of turning Central City into a wasteland! Can Barry find “another way” to defeat Grodd? Want to know more? Just follow us after the jump!


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“Tar Pit” Ep 2.12 of THE FLASH (Review)

NOTE: This review is posted just as THE FLASH is beginning to be aired on the West Coast USA – if you haven’t seen the episode you may want to wait and come back to this article.

A classic villain from Wally’s days as the Flash in the comics universe – Tar Pit – gets the TV treatment in the latest episode of THE FLASH. It’s handled well…but even so there are far bigger developments in the West family and Team Flash that impact a world of relationships. Want to know more? Just follow us after the jump!


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