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Creator Catch-Up: Geoff Johns at Baltimore, Mark Waid is Incorruptible

Geoff Johns is among the first guests announcd for next year’s Baltimore Comic-Con. The show will run August 28-29, 2010. (For fun: Say that out loud and pronounce 2010 as “twenty-ten!”)

Mark Waid talks to CBR about Incorruptible, his Irredeemable spinoff that looks at the question from the opposite side: What happens when a villain decides to become a hero?

Speed Reading: Iconic Covers, Crisis Preview, Evil, Maps & More

Comics Should Be Good wraps up the month of iconic covers with the Top 5 Most Iconic Barry Allen Covers.

Ain’t It Cool News has a preview of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, the next direct-to-home video DC animated film. It’s based on a number of Earth-2/Earth-3 stories in which the Justice League goes up against their evil counterparts from another world, the Crime Syndicate. There’s a few frames of the evil Johnny Quick in the preview, sporting an entirely new costume. (Thanks to Jesse for the link.)

Speaking of evil, the “Mark Waid Was Evil” teaser turns out to be for a new series, Incorruptible, intended as the flip side to Irredeemable. This series follows a super-villain who decides to become a hero in response to the Plutonian’s fall to the dark side.

Newsarama evaluates Wednesday Comics, giving the Flash strip a B+.

Avatar Press has started a collaborative map of comic shops around the world. You can help by adding the local store where you buy your comics.

Over at my other blog, I made an amusing discovery about Wizard World Los Angeles, the Long Beach Comic-Con, and two convention centers.