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How idolizing The Flash has profoundly influenced my life (Part 2)

Today’s guest post is by Glenmarc Antonio. Read part one first.

Flash: Rebirth

Reinvigorated as if I was able to tap into the Speed Force, I went back to living normally.  I also went back into my happier self, though slowly.  As part of my personal recovery, I tried a lot of things, and was fortunate to have been successful once more.

In early 2011, a crazy idea occurred to me.  I wanted a Flash suit.  With the rise of cosplaying in local hobby events in the Philippines, I began to strongly consider suiting up in one of the local cons as the Scarlet Speedster.  A very good friend and established local cosplayer, Paolo Cordero, helped me craft my very first Flash costume.  I said I was only to wear it if he joined me as Green Lantern.  He gamely agreed, and thus JUSTICE Ph (the Philippines’ DC cosplayers group) was born.

Glenmarc Antonio as the Flash

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