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Steampunk Captain Cold & Gorilla Grodd

Remember the Gaslight Flash custom action figure by Sillof? In the time since that post, he’s expanded the Victorian-era Justice League set to include a Gaslight Legion of Doom…which naturally includes Flash villains Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd.

You can see more pictures of these two, as well as Sinestro, Bizarro, the Joker, Black Manta, and the heroes at Sillof’s Gaslight Justice League & Legion of Doom page.

Image used with permission. Thanks to the Irredeemable Shag of Once Upon a Geek for prompting me to go back and look at these again.

Gaslight Flash

There’s a whole community of artists who create custom action figures, often by taking a commercially-produced figure and modifying it through sculpture and paint. Sometimes they’ll simply convert it into a character who doesn’t have an official figure yet, but the really interesting ones are those that go off on a tangent and create something new, like this set of Victorian-style Justice Leaguers by Sillof, inspired by the now-classic Gotham by Gaslight.

Setting it in the 1880s puts it a little earlier than JLA: Age of Wonder (which had its own Flash), and while it’s still too early for aviation, the artist “went for the pilot look” with the Flash, as you can see here:

On a not entirely unrelated note, I’ve been re-reading Girl Genius from the beginning. The comic’s authors, Phil and Kaja Foglio, describe it as a “gaslamp fantasy,” or as most people would call it, steampunk.

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