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More Flash at WonderCon: Brightest Day

I didn’t make it into the Brightest Day panel today, but Newsarama’s live blog has some Flash tidbits.

Be aware that this has SPOILERS FOR BLACKEST NIGHT #8. At the DC Editorial panel, the panelists were asking that people not spoil the issue with their questions, and suggested going out afterward, buying a copy of the book on the con floor, then coming back to the Brightest Day panel.

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More Flash (and Other Stuff) at WonderCon: Saturday DC Editorial

I attended the DC Editorial presentation at WonderCon today. I don’t have nearly as detailed a report as Newsarama’s, but I posted a few items to Twitter over the course of the hour and a half Q&A session:

  • JT Krul: There’s not a lot of bright colors in [Rise of Arsenal]. Brian Hitch(?): Well, there’s red…
  • Geoff Johns: No “Teen Lantern.”
  • On Superboy Prime returning: “He’ll eventually be back. He’s like a cockroach.”
  • Spoiler Lad is at the mike right now…
  • Why aren’t Rip & Booster dealing w/ Zoom & Batman? GJ: They will.
  • How soon will we see Captain Cold & Mirror Master in the new Flash series? GJ: In issue 1. And 2, and 3, and 4….
  • The Geoff Johns/Scott Kolins Wally West stories that were going to be backups: We’ll probably see them eventually.
  • Jim Lee: It’s a lot harder to get digital comics signed at cons…
  • Fan asks about bringing Mortal Kombat chars into DCU. No plans. Geoff Johns adds: Captain Cold would kill Sub-Zero so fast…

I have a few photos as well, including both the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh and Jim Lee coming up to the microphone to ask questions.

Update: CBR’s write-up is online now.

Update 2: I’ve posted my write-up on the whole convention.

WonderCon Saturday Photos Are Up!

Batman of Zurr-enn-Arrh, originally uploaded by Kelson.

I did in fact make it to WonderCon on Saturday, and I’ve posted my photos to Flickr. (No, that’s not me! The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh was just happy that he got his question answered at the DC Editorial panel.)

Last night the hotel wifi was horribly slow. Today it’s much faster. Probably because a lot of people are either just leaving the con or at dinner right now.

Update: My con report is online!

Flash Hints from WonderCon: Geoff Johns Spotlight

Well, I wasn’t able to make it to WonderCon on Friday for various reasons up to and including a flat tire a few blocks from the hotel, but Newsarama was there, and their coverage of the Geoff Johns spotlight includes a number of Flashy items:

Will Green Lantern or Flash get renumbered to high numbers? “No plans for that,” Johns said. A fan booed. “I want to see Flash #1, not #702. Maybe later.”

Fan asked about the dynamic between Wally West and Barry Allen. “It’s a very healthy relationship. In a weird way, I think Wally has surpassed Barry in private life,” Johns said.

“Why no Black Lantern Inertia?” “Purely a space issue,” Johns said.

“We’ll be using a lot of new characters in the Flash,” Johns says. “They’ll be a lot of new stuff. Just like Green Lantern—Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern, but it’s not full of old characters.”

Is there any direction you’re going to take with the Reverse Flash returning? “Well, yes.” Johns says you’ll see new villains in Flash #1.

Any plans for Jai West to become a superhero? “His current nickname is “the turtle” because he currently has no powers,” Johns said.

Update: CBR’s coverage is up. There’s a little more on the Wally/Barry relationship answer:

Barry Allen and Wally West’s relationship will be explored in the Flash book. “I think Barry and Wally, it’s a very healthy relationship,” Johns said. “I think in a weird way Wally has surpassed Barry in the private life. He’s got kids, he’s got a wife, and Barry’s struggled with that a bit. But you’ll see it in the coming year.” The new Flash book will also feature a lot of new villains in the first issue.

To WonderCon!

WonderCon From Above: DCI’m heading to San Francisco this weekend for my third trip to WonderCon. I’ll definitely be there on Saturday, but Friday’s still up in the air. Unfortunately, Friday is also the day with DC Nation and the spotlights on Ethan Van Sciver and Geoff Johns. If I make it in time, I’ll post any scoops here.

[WonderCon: April 2-4, 2010]You can follow me during the con at @SpeedForceOrg on Twitter. Keep an eye on my Flickr photos as well.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested, you can check out my write-ups and photos from the last two conventions:

Flash at WonderCon 2010

[WonderCon: April 2-4, 2010]WonderCon has started posting the 2010 convention schedule, starting with Friday’s programming. The Flash: Rebirth team of Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver are both guests at the convention…and they each get a spotlight panel.

Friday, April 2
12:30–1:30 Spotlight on Ethan Van Sciver
3:00–4:00 Spotlight on Geoff Johns
4:00–5:00 DC Nation

Saturday, April 3
12:00–1:30 DCU Editorial Presentation

I’m going to WonderCon on Saturday, but I’ll be on the road on Friday, so I’ll probably miss both spotlights. If we get into San Francisco early enough, I might drop in for part of the afternoon, and if I do make it to one of the panels, I’ll post any Flash news that comes up.

Update: Saturday’s schedule is up now, and the most-likely place for Flash news is the DCU Editorial Presentation. Last year it was mostly a retread of DC Nation, but if I don’t make it to DC Nation, I won’t mind so much.

Considering that the con is only two weeks before Flash #1, and DC has already released a preview, I don’t expect any major revelations…but you never know…