January 12, 2010

Flash: Rebirth #6 Moved UP to Feb 24

Category: Flash News — By @ 3:15 pm

Flash: Rebirth #6 (thumb)In mid-December, DC rescheduled Flash: Rebirth #6 from January 27 to March 24. Artist Ethan Van Sciver thought this was strange, as he was nearly finished drawing the book. At the end of the month, Diamond listed February 24 on their shipping updates page, but DC left their website at March 24. That left readers with this question:

Which date was correct? DC’s or Diamond’s?

In the past I would have relied confidently on Diamond’s date, since DC’s website was notorious for outdated or otherwise wrong shipping dates, but in the last few years it’s generally been accurate.

Well, today DC updated their website, and their listing for Flash: Rebirth #6 now shows a February 24, 2010 release date!

I believe this is the first time an issue of Flash: Rebirth has been rescheduled for an earlier date!

It’s still after Blackest Night: The Flash wraps, but only by one week, and it should be out a month before Flash: Secret Files.