May 31, 2011

Redesigned Flash by Jim Lee

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The USA Today article about DC’s upcoming reboot includes a drawing of the Justice League with Jim Lee’s new costume designs…but not the entire image. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Green Lantern are all visible, but the Flash and Batman are both off-panel, but it turns out that the article thumbnail on the newspaper’s home page shows the Flash’s mask.

I got the impression somewhere on Twitter that the full image appears in the print version of the article.

Update: I was in such a rush to post this that I forgot to comment on it. The only thing that really stands out in this picture is the chin guard (which was my least favorite element of the Walter West Dark Flash costume). The seams will get lost in the detail when drawn by most artists, and the earpieces change all the time anyway.

Update 2: SpeedsterSite found a copy of the full Jim Lee Justice League image. Here’s the Flash:

Oh, look, there’s that yellow outline around the circle, which Ethan Van Sciver so carefully added to Wally West’s costume in order to distinguish him from Barry Allen.

Update: You can see more of the costume in Francis Manapul’s cover for Flash #1.