December 10, 2014

“The Man In The Yellow Suit” – Review of THE FLASH Episode 109

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Ever since the beginning of this series, we’ve been waiting for this…”The Man In the Yellow Suit”! Now that we have hit the mid-season finale, we finally get a throw-down between Barry and…whoever is in that yellow cowl. But, that’s far from all that we get in this episode. We find the reappearance of Dr. Tina McGee, and some significant events for the personal lives of just about everyone concerned, as we turn to our review of Episode 109 of THE FLASH!

Some spoilers (not all, but some) ahead!

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November 28, 2014

“Castaways” – and a sad passing…Review of THE FLASH #36

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Flash36This issue of THE FLASH finds Barry trapped in the Speed Force, future Wally out of the picture (though present Wally does have his moments), and Future Barry taking over in present day Central City. If you thought the big battle between present and future Barry would end this arc, you were very wrong – it’s just the beginning. This issue also represents the last artwork in comics from an excellent illustrator, Andre’ Coelho, who died far too young at age 35.  Coelho took on the “future Barry” pages while Brett Booth handled present Barry’s tale in the Speed Force, in a generally excellent issue of THE FLASH.


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November 19, 2014

“The Flash Is Born” – Review of Episode 106

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Iris’ blog plays a big part in this episode, as she learns there are MORE metahumans in town than just the Streak. This time around, the villain has a direct connection to both Barry and Iris. And, we see more strangeness surrounding Harrison Wells.  All this, and more, in another excellent episode of THE FLASH!

Light Spoilers Only

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October 23, 2014

Foregone Conclusion? Hardly! Review of THE FLASH #35

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Flash #35This issue of THE FLASH brings us the big battle between Future Barry and the Barry Allen we know in the New 52. As you can guess from the last time they met (5 years in the future in FUTURES END: THE FLASH), this is going to be BIG…for a lot of reasons. But, if you think you knew how this one would end…well…you may have another thing coming!


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September 13, 2014

Annotations: The Trial of The Flash, #350 – Part One

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Welcome to the latest installment in our annotations of the collected edition of The Trial of the Flash!  A while back, we analyzed related stories leading up to the release of Showcase Presents: The Trial of the Flash.  In addition, we interviewed author Cary Bates about the buildup and the Trial itself, plus showed you what wasn’t included in the collection.


IN THIS ISSUE: Sympathetic Vibrations!

We’ve reached the final issue! Thank you very much for reading along. Links to original artwork, scans and research are included throughout this post.  For definitive legal analysis of the story by Bob Ingersoll, go here.  Tom vs. Flash Podcast links here, including these issues.  As always, huge thanks to the DC Indexes. See you after the jump!

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September 8, 2014

Flash and Bizarro Flash HeroClix Previewed At

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Hey Speed Readers,

So in anticipation of the upcoming Flash-themed HeroClix set aptly named, The Flash, has began previewing some of the updated dials and new characters that we will be seeing come November. First up we have a new version of Barry Allen based on his interpretation in the New 52:

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