Speed Reading: TV, Battles, Run!

Crimson Lightning reviews the Flash TV Episode, “Twin Streaks.”

Ethan Van Sciver’s Your Time is Now Mine column continues.

Matt Sturges talks to CBR about the post-Final Crisis miniseries he’s doing with Freddie Williams II, Run!, which, as it turns out, isn’t connected to the Flash at all.

Comics Should Be Good has started posting the results of the Top 100 Comic Battles poll. #100 is Superboy-Prime vs. the Teen Titans from Infinite Crisis, a battle which ended only when the Flashes got together and pushed him into the speed force…at significant cost to the Flash franchise.


One thought on “Speed Reading: TV, Battles, Run!

  1. Craig MD

    Hooray! The Flash vs. Zoom battle (from “Blitz”) made it to #82 on the list, which I voted for.

    I also voted for Wally vs. Prof. Zoom (Flash #79) and Captain Cold vs. Chillblaine (from Cold’s Rogue profile issue) but I’m not sure they’ll make it on the list.


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