Fan Film: Flash — Crossover

Influence Films has released a short fan film starring the Flash, called Crossover.

Flash: Crossover

Here’s how the site describes the film:

Wally West (Jason Damian), is grieving the death of his mentor, Barry Allen, The Flash … and trying to decide if he wants to continue the heroic legacy as The Fastest Man Alive; when two of Gotham City’s most sensational villains, Harley Quinn (Amanda Geisel) and Talia al Ghul (Rachael Redler), along with Talia’s henchmen (Tim Rowe & Khigh Abner), come to Kansas to ask for his help at any expense. They are willing to do anything to get his help — even — if it means harming Linda Park (Angela Morrow), Wally West’s longtime friend and love interest. Now Wally must choose between hurting over the death of his mentor, or helping these two villains with a shocking request, and in the process determine his own future in The Flash: Crossover.

It runs about 13 minutes, and you can view the film at


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