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Fan Film: The Flash – The Brave and the Bold

Influence Films debuted last year with the fan film Flash: Crossover. For their eighth project, they’re returned to the scarlet speedster with Flash: The Brave and the Bold

When the father of Wally West’s friend is found dead, The Flash races into action. He soon discovers that to solve the case he might need some help and guidance from his friends: Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl.

You can watch the eight-minute video on YouTube.

Speed Reading: Waid, Infantino, Fan Films, Barry & Iris, Showcase Auction and More

Ain’t It Cool News interviews Mark Waid about his work on Flash, Fantastic Four, Irredeemable and more (basically his entire career). He’s got some really interesting things to say about the Flash. Eventually I’ll find time to read the whole thing and pick out some good quotes to post here.

Flash: CrossoverThe latest Fan Film Podcast episode focuses on The Flash: Crossover from Influence Films.

POP! lists Barry Allen and Iris West at #3 on its 25 Greatest Super-hero Romances (via Robot 6).

The Comic Treadmill looks back at the 1970s revival of All Star Comics, featuring the Justice Society of America on Earth-2.

The best-condition copy of Showcase #4, first appearance of Barry Allen as the Silver-Age Flash, is “off to a fast start” at Heritage Auctions, already up to $100,000 with three weeks to go.

Comicbook Rockstar talks about lunch with Carmine Infantino, comics legend and co-creator of the Silver Age Flash, and the veteran artist’s advice for writers.

Comic Bloc user CreativeArtist has a new animation based on Flash: Rebirth.

Pegasus News reviews a production of Based on a Totally True Story (by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa), a stage play about a playwright on the verge of making it big in Hollywood — who also happens to write the Flash comic book.

Update: The first installment of Q&A column Geoff Johns Prime is up at Comic Book Resources. He doesn’t say much about Flash: Rebirth beyond “wait and see.”

Speed Reading: Reviews, Theories, Sketches and Films

Titans Tower Monitor Room has a whole series of sketches from New York Comic Con including a classic Kid Flash by Alex Saviuk, a Flash by Greg LaRocque, and a set of classic Teen Titans by Karl Kerschl.

Comic Bloc’s Iron Sun 254 has a theory on the nature of the Speed Force.

Crimson Lightning has the results of the Favorite Flash Vol.2 Writer poll: Mark Waid wins handily, with Geoff Johns a close second. The next poll (on the sidebar of any page at Crimson Lightning): who’s your favorite Flash leading lady?

The Jim Aparo Fan Club profiles Flash #311, his only Flash cover.

Comicbook.com lists Barry and Iris Allen among their 10 great comic-book couples.

Reilly2040 reviews Legion of Three Worlds #3, focusing on the Flash elements.

Fan Cinema Today reviews The Flash: Crossover the fan film released a few weeks ago from Influence Films.

One more: The Cool Kids Table’s Ben Morse writes about why he likes Wally West.

Fan Film: Flash — Crossover

Influence Films has released a short fan film starring the Flash, called Crossover.

Flash: Crossover

Here’s how the site describes the film:

Wally West (Jason Damian), is grieving the death of his mentor, Barry Allen, The Flash … and trying to decide if he wants to continue the heroic legacy as The Fastest Man Alive; when two of Gotham City’s most sensational villains, Harley Quinn (Amanda Geisel) and Talia al Ghul (Rachael Redler), along with Talia’s henchmen (Tim Rowe & Khigh Abner), come to Kansas to ask for his help at any expense. They are willing to do anything to get his help — even — if it means harming Linda Park (Angela Morrow), Wally West’s longtime friend and love interest. Now Wally must choose between hurting over the death of his mentor, or helping these two villains with a shocking request, and in the process determine his own future in The Flash: Crossover.

It runs about 13 minutes, and you can view the film at InfluenceFilms.com.