Speed Reading: Rebirth Monday

Flash: Rebirth #1 (thumbnail)With Flash: Rebirth coming out this week, there’s an awful lot of Flash-related chatter on the internet.

Comics and…other Imaginary Tales is really looking forward to Flash: Rebirth.

Dull Doll is excited that the “original Flash is back from the dead”. No comment.

Geoff Johns has a new website, including Flash: Rebirth wallpapers.

The Orlando Comics Examiner talks about Flash: Rebirth and legacy characters.

What Were They Thinking? contemplates the Flash’s super-speed eyesight.

Johnny Quick’s speed formula, “3X2(9YZ)4A,” gets a mention in Comic Coverage’s list of super-hero “magic words.”

It looks like there won’t be any Wally West backup stories in the new Flash, at least not to start with, as the New York Times identifies all seven co-features in the initial lineup.

And then there’s these (believe it or not), Flash-themed high heeled shoes.

On another note, Every Day is Like Wednesday reviews The Incredibles #1, by long-term Flash writer Mark Waid.

At K-Squared Ramblings, we have Why Las Vegas is a bad idea for Comic-Con.

Superman vs the Flash And don’t forget to keep an eye on Comics Should Be Good today. Voting in the Superman vs. Flash poll in their DC/Marvel Superhero Tourney starts at 6pm Eastern time!


8 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Rebirth Monday

  1. Craig MD

    Thanks for the link to the new geoffjohns.com. First I’ve heard of this.

    Also, what book is Captain Atom going to be the co-feature in? Its the first I’ve heard of this as well, and I thought he was Monarch or maybe even dead now.

  2. Kelson Post author

    @papa zero: I actually found Zoom to be a more interesting character than Professor Zoom, but he really has to be used sparingly to be effective. Ah, well. Out with the new, in with the old.

    @Craig MD: You’re welcome! I normally go straight to Comic Bloc, so I would have missed this too if it hadn’t tripped one of my search alerts.

    As for Captain Atom? No idea. Last I saw of him was the destruction of Earth-51’s universe in Countdown to Final Crisis.

  3. papa zero

    Zoom was derivative in nature in his role as a foil – but compelling enough that it didn’t matter. If they can inspire half the uproar that came about after Rev Flash killed Iris (which was unheard of at the time) with the return of the prof they’ll have done well. I wouldn’t mind seeing Thawne and Zolomon take each other on! Would be cool to see them distinctively define the characters against one another.

    The only shortcoming Zoom had was the nature of his power – which made no sense at all.

    off topic… Looks like Heroes killed Daphne off for good.

  4. Jason West

    wow…those Rogues look awesome! (except for sticklyman Cold, but he’s just hilarious…)

    i believe that Zoom will be back, courtesy of something Barry does, making him an enemy of both…

    Geoff said it once in an interview: “Professor Zoom is dead. Barry snapped his neck and went on trial for it.”

    the Prof is twisted, yes, but Zoom is thoroughly evil…

    .-= Jason West’s latest blog post: 1 Week!!! =-.

  5. Lia

    @Kelson and Jason: Thanks guys! I hope to get more sketches at the con in three weeks.

    The Cold stick figure was done for free by a girl who worked at one of the booths…she was doing stick figure characters for anyone who asked 🙂


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