Speed Reading: Resurrection Poll, Happy, Dorky, Launch Sales and Photos

I’m saving up links to reviews of Flash: Rebirth #3, and I’ll post them in a few days. For now, here are some other Flash-related items I’ve stumbled across lately.

Crimson Lightning has the results from the latest poll, and respondents overwhelmingly wanted to see Max Mercury return. The next poll will be up soon, but first, they want your Flash casting ideas in the event of a Flash movie!

The Absorbascon‘s latest things that made me happy includes a couple of items from Flash: Rebirth #3.

4thletter! ponders Red Robin as compared to the days of Young Justice: “Remember when Tim Drake was a skinny little dork? And Superboy was even skinnier and dorkier? And Wonder Girl and Impulse were the skinniest and dorkiest of all? And they hung out together having skinny, dorky adventures?”

ComicsAlliance talks about rooting against the big guy in Flash: Rebirth #3.

The Beat looks at DC’s April sales, putting the success of Flash: Rebirth #1 (102K) in context with the last two Flash relaunches: Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1 (120K) and All-Flash #1 (98K), noting that “neither one of them had the benefit of the company‚Äôs most popular creator, as Rebirth arguably does.”

Every time I compare two photos of the same scene, one taken with a flash and one without, I always think of this joke. The image has been floating around long enough that I don’t know who made it.


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