Friday at Comic-Con (in Tweets)

Around the Con

  • Apparently the secret to uploading photos in this hotel is to wait until 6am when there’s no competition.
  • The fastest man alive…stuck in traffic.
  • Saw Michael Jackson.
  • Lots of *ahem* Flash photography today
  • Morning shaping up well. Got lassoed into DC costume photoshoot, got 3D photo w/wife (also in costume) & made it into Coraline room
  • Haven’t been to a con in costume since 2003, and then it was Riff from Sluggy Freelance. Not terribly recognizable.
  • But showing up as the Jay Garrick Flash? That stands out!
  • *sigh* someone just said “excuse me, Flash Gordon.”
  • In last hour or so have posed with Captain Hammer, Catwoman, Liberty Belle and Stargirl. Now in line for DC Nation.
  • Hah! Just ran into a JSA group w/ another Jay Garrick!
  • Insta-mob just formed around Olivia Munn (?) As she headed to the panelist entrance.
  • Another insta-mob as Robert Rodriguez left panel.
  • Just saw a Geonosis Padme with a little girl dressed as Princess Leia from A New Hope

Panels: Coraline, Flash Forward, DC Nation

  • Coraline making-of w/Selik, Gaiman, animators & cast.Selik wants to do stop-motion Sandman, Neil wishes him luck w/WB
  • Forgot there was actually a Flash connection w/ Flash Forward: Marc Guggenheim & David S Goyer.
  • They just showed the 1st 2 acts of the Flashforward pilot and it’s AWESOME!
  • Dominic Monaghan confirmed for Flashforward. And he’s here.
  • Liveblogging DC Nation


  • Cleaned up after day in costume, back at hotel restaurant. Planning to return for “Worst Cartoons Ever”
  • Awesome! RT @Robot6 SDCC ’09 | Scott Pilgrim video game is on the way.
  • Missed shuttle by 10 sec, chased, locked out. Ran, walked, jogged 1+ miles & took a pedicab. Chain broke. Made it w/5min to spare
  • Worst Cartoons Ever: mix of poorly-done, or trippy crack, or seriously offensive WTF-were-they-thinking cartoons from the 50s&60s

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