DC Universe at Comic-Con: Big Flash News UPDATED

AARGH! Liveblogging failed. Lots on Twitter. BIG news: Geoff Johns on Flash ongoing after Blackest Night: Flash, Sterling Gates on Kid Flash ongoing.

Update: Now that the day’s tweets have been imported, here’s my full running commentary on the panel.

  • Inkpot award to Bob Wayne
  • SDCC is like “longest Thanksgiving dinner ever” – con staffer
  • Flash:Rebirth – bunch of Flashes behind him on final cover
  • Some costume changes & a new speedster by end of Flash:Rebirth
  • Sounded like Flash ongoing starts after Blackest Night:Flash. They’re all Geoff Johns-written.
  • Troia, Batman, Hal &…Monel w/ S symbol In JLA.
  • Good Dr. Light vs Black Lantern evil Dr. Light
  • Guessing Batgirl’s ID: Stephanie Brown? DD: “No spoilers here.”
  • DCU panel info is coming fast & furious – hard to keep up
  • Titans’ new leader…let’s just say it’s not Wally as rumored on ComicBloc.
  • GS: WW to renounce Amazons & become more of a super-hero than ever
  • Sterling Gates on Kid Flash series!
  • Rainbow Raider will be a Black Lantern. GJ: “I guess he’ll be the Black & White Raider.”
  • C’mon, random fanboy…wait till you see the new writer’s work before begging Geoff to come back to Teen Titans.
  • Question cosplayer at mike: “I have a question…”
  • DD on renumbering books that have been relaunched: content more important than number on cover, low numbers may bring in more new readers.
  • Geoff Johns: artist lined up for Flash ongoing, can’t talk about it yet. [Edit: GJ adds that he can only say the artist is “awesome.”]
  • Fan requests a Snapper Carr & Jimmy Olsen team-up in Brave & the Bold.

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9 thoughts on “DC Universe at Comic-Con: Big Flash News UPDATED

  1. Craig MD

    I’m still not completely sold on Flash: Rebirth after three issues. Depending on how it turns out by issue #6 I may not bother to pick up Blackest Night: Flash or the regular series, but its nice to see Bart getting the spotlight again (especially given his shoddy treatment during TF:TFMA).

  2. IonicOne

    The new speedster at the end of rebirth simply be Wally with a new name and suit? I hate this because Wally went on to do more things as a flash and there just kicking him out.

  3. CM22

    In a perfect world we’re get Ethan’s glorious return to a monthly book as he joins Sterling on Kid Flash, living up to his statements of his affection for Bart, and his vocalization of how he wants to return Bart to his original Pre-Kid Flash visual style (Floppy Hair, Big Feed, Wide Eyed).

    Of course it’s not a perfect world, so we’ll probably get a really good artist who just draws him in a more traditional style. But I can dream!

  4. TheFlash1990

    YEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!! I can’t wait!! I love Geoff’s take on Barry in Blackest Night!! Can’t wait for the rest of Rebirth!!! 😀

  5. Jesse

    I’m happy to see a Kid Flash book. Looks like everyone’s just trying to forget the abomination of TF:TFMA, and letting Johns undo it.

    Back to Rebirth … someone commented that they like Barry’s treatment in Blackest Night. I liked Blackest Night #1 a lot, but it confirmed for me that I want Wally to be Flash, not Barry. Barry’s personality is so blah. When he said “We’re both cops” it reminded me that yes, Barry’s a cop, just like J’onn, and Hal, and Spectre, and Question, and Dick Grayson was, and on and on. Wally was different.

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