Flash News from San Diego

DC made only a few Flash announcements at Comic-Con, but they were big ones!

  • Blackest Night: Flash miniseries by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins — 3 issues starting in November December. (announced at the Geoff Johns Spotlight on Thursday) The book will star Barry, Wally, and a whole lot of dead Rogues. [Note: I was originally under the impression that the second round of Blackest Night tie-ins would launch in November, and at the panel I was focused on the official announcement and the people involved, so I missed the fact that the month was one syllable off from what I was expecting. DC has audio of the panel, and he did say December.]
  • Flash ongoing series written by Geoff Johns, to start after Blackest Night: Flash. They’re not ready to announce the artist, but Geoff assures us that he’s “awesome.” (announced at DC Universe on Saturday)
  • Kid Flash ongoing written by Sterling Gates. No artist or start date announced. (also announced at DCU panel)
  • A new speedster will join the Flash family by the end of Flash: Rebirth (DCU again.)

I liveblogged both panels (though a technical glitch prevented the DCU post from actually going up as I wrote it, which really annoyed me), and there are some other remarks in those panels (and in DC Nation) that Flash fans might find interesting.

Comic Book Resources has an interview with Geoff Johns in which he talks about the Blackest Night miniseries and the ongoing series. The first story is called “The Dastardly Deaths of the Rogues,” and he says that “all the Flashes in the Flash Universe will be major players in both Flash books.” There’s a lot more at the interview, such as this:

In “Blackest Night: Flash,” it’s the Rogues versus the Black Lantern Rogues and Flash is caught in the middle. And Captain Cold will be facing off against Black Lantern Golden Glider.

Ouch…that’s going to be one nasty fight!


7 thoughts on “Flash News from San Diego

  1. Angel

    YES!!!!!! I’m overjoyed, I can’t wait to get my hand’s on the new Kid Flash ongoing!!!!

    I’m most likely going to buy two…of every issue.

        1. Angel

          Oh yes, the variants how could I forget??!! Probably the trades too so I can read the story together and not have to keep opening the originals 🙂 but yes, this is the best news of 2009 for me too! DC giving the people what they want, Bart by the barrel full.

  2. Touch of Grey

    NOT LISA! Oh, man. That’s going to be an epically sad fight.
    New speedster? As in a new character entirely, Liberty Belle becomes Jesse Quick again, Max Mercury comes back from the Speed Force…what?
    Also, I really hope I don’t have to see a zombie Thad in the Blackest Night: Flash books. I’d cry. A lot.

  3. kenneth

    Wally West becomes the new “zen of speed” after max mercury dies.Berry allen becomes the one and only Flash and bart remains Kid Flash.


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