Geoff Johns Spotlight at Comic-Con

2:21:11 PM: Geoff Johns & Scott Kolins are doing Blackest Night: Flash!

2:30:02 PM: “Black Lantern Billy Mays here.”

2:31:53 PM: Barry’s back for good. BN: Flash stars Barry, Wally & lots of dead Rogues. BN takes place after Rebirth

2:32:39 PM: Dex-star vs Krypto!

2:34:27 PM: How Geoff would write Batman: “I’d probably just give him a yellow ring”

2:36:21 PM: Geoff “not leaving Green Lantern anytime soon.”

2:38:53 PM: Fan: Kyle as artist good focus for GL power, so why Hal? GJ: Focus is on overcoming fear

2:39:54 PM: Cruddy twitter connection might inspire arrival of a red ring… grrr…

2:42:04 PM: Geoff on Blackest Night: of COURSE it’s violent! The dead are rising from their graves!

2:43:05 PM: Trade-waiter avoiding Blackest Night spoilers. Geoff: “Wrong panel”

2:48:18 PM: Re: movies, Geoff is concentrating on Flash right now

2:49:46 PM: Geoff on internships: most stress was lunch-got chewed out once by exec for not remembering mango salsa.

3:01:11 PM: Great story abt trashing Richard Donner’s car SPECTACULARLY as an intern! Geoff Johns

3:02:40 PM: Fan asked abt Kid Flash or expander Flash ongoings…Geoff almost answered but Eddie Berganza stopped him. “8-ball is in your favor”

3:07:42 PM: Make Flash appealing to wider audience: everyone’s caught up in speed these days. Build on that.

3:10:55 PM: What’s going on w/ Barry will become clear in Flash:Rebirth #4-5

3:20:18 PM: Fan won $40 on a bet b/c Geoff couldn’t answer a spoilery question

3:21:17 PM: Oh, NOW the phone has a good signal, after I walk out of the room

3:22:06 PM: Oh, yeah, origin of Dex-star has been planned.


3 thoughts on “Geoff Johns Spotlight at Comic-Con

  1. Perplexio

    With BN:Flash, I’m guessing Captain Boomerang will be back. This would give DC a chance to start developing Owen Mercer/Boomerang and his relationship with half-bro Bart Allen/Kid Flash a bit more.

    It should also be interesting to see the returns of Professor Zoom (Thawne), Zoom (Zolomon), and “Kid Zoom”/Inertia.

    And since both Wally and Barry are going to be around for good now… switch Wally to the Walter West/Dark Flash costume already!
    .-= Perplexio’s latest blog post: a reflection on "The Dude On the Cereal Box" =-.


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