Saturday at Comic-Con (in Tweets)

  • All right! Friday’s photos actually uploaded overnight! #
  • Just walked up to Mark Waid for autograph at Boom booth, no line. How times change. #
  • Had no idea Leonard Nimoy & Brent Spiner were going to be here. #
  • Took a trip thru Artists alley, then rushed 3/4 of the exhbit hall to DC booth. Forgot how far it was. #
  • Saw Harley Quinn skipping merrily along. With a gun, of course. #
  • Got a great Madame Xanadu sketch by Amy Hadley & Richard Friend! #Vertigo #
  • Batgirl, Harley Quinn & Power Girl @ DC booth #
  • Dark Reign Panel: “How do you want Norman Osborn taken down?” Kid dressed as Vision: “Honestly? Howard the Duck.” *applause* “Or Deadpool.” #
  • Today is trade-off day. Couldn’t choose btw Quick Draw & Sheldon Moldoff, skipped both to do Madame Xanadu #
  • Black Lantern Captain America! #
  • Liveblogging DC Universe Panel
  • Thought my legs were shaking. Understandable for 3rd day of con. Turned out to be the floor. #
  • Could really use Google Maps for con floor. Search by booth name, get directions. At least the pull-out map shows major booths. #
  • Whoa. Saw a Princess Leia who was fully clothed. #
  • Fought thru G4 crowd to get Coraline exclusive figure at next booth over. #
  • All right!!! RT @Robot6 Gail Simone’s Welcome to Tranquility will return at Wildstorm #
  • Ran into a 3rd Jay Garrick a few minutes back. Most years I don’t see any Flashes at all! #
  • Newsarama covers DCU panel #
  • Whew! Made it through Geoff Johns signing. Going to try for PAD and Bryan Lee O’Malley, then call it a day. #
  • 4 signings, 1 panel, caught 4 artists/writers at booths/artists’ alley. Feet ready to fall off. Done for the day #
  • Those searchlights should have the Bat Signal #

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