Thursday at Comic-Con (in Tweets)

  • Harvey Dent would love Cafe 222 on 2nd.
  • Anyone need a new front door?
  • In line for Bryan Lee O’Malley. #SDCC not horrendously crowded…yet.
  • Scary costume #843: bearded guy in diaper, leather vest & fur hat. Hazards of SDCC
  • Took me a few seconds to realize it, but an old man just walked by dressed as Carl from Up.
  • Aha, loud cheers a few minutes back were for Gwar
  • Not sure I’ll make it to the Geoff Johns spotlight. This line’s awfully long for this size room.
  • Oh well, at least I got to the @radiomaru spotlight. That was worth it.
  • Lunchtime sights: Ariele meets Ursula. Wonder Woman tries to cross Sails & gets stopped every 10ft for photo requests
  • *whew* made it into the room for Geoff Johns spotlight.
  • Liveblog: Geoff Johns Spotlight
  • Spent an hour or two hanging out with friends at The Field.
  • In line for Mad Science. Had no idea it would be so crowded at this hour.
  • 3 more days of walking like this I should be able to run one of those pedicabs
  • Saw a zombie reading Fahrenheit 451.
  • Overheard at SDCC: “Sigourney Weaver and my mind explode.”
  • Made it into Mad Science! 3 for 3 for Thursday!
  • Write-up: Mad Science
  • I do not understand the Free Hugs phenomenon.
  • WTF? Overheard at SDCC: “Did that one guy just say the culture of China hasn’t changed in *snicker* 50 years?!? *giggle*”
  • Sitting in a back hallway. Setting sun streaming through windows.
  • An unusually large concentration of Star Trek costumes and t-shirts coming out of this Star Trek panel at SDCC. Seems logical.
  • Uploading next batch of photos.

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