Speed Reading: Artist Wishlist, Adam Brody, Rogues & Death

Some more linkblogging (almost done, honest!)

Collected Editions reviews Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge.

Speedster Site wants to know: What artist do you want for Flash? Also: an EVS Barry Allen sketch from Fan Expo.

The Cool Kidz Table lists his five favorite Flash artists.

iFanboy wonders if heroes can just stay dead.

At MTV Splash Page, Adam Brody Remembers His Flash Suit from the Justice League movie that never happened.


One thought on “Speed Reading: Artist Wishlist, Adam Brody, Rogues & Death

  1. Perplexio

    Speaking of Rogues… I know he’s not a rogue any more, but I think Boomerang deserves his own mini. With ties to both Batman and Flash titles, I think Owen Mercer has incredible potential but is substantially under-utilized since he was written out of the Outsiders when Nightwing left.

    While DC has used his father’s murder of Jack Drake as a source of tension in the Batman titles his relation to Bart Allen in the Flash titles is just kind of “there.” With the return of Professor Zoom/Eobard Thawne and the resurrection of the whole Allen/Thawne family feud storyline the time is ripe to really develop Mercer. I could see Prof. Zoom playing on Mercer’s Thawne family ties to lure him back to the side of the rogues with Bart trying to keep him on the side of good. With his ties to the Batman titles and Dick and Wally’s friendship, perhaps there could even be a Batman cameo (not to mention, I wouldn’t mind seeing Bart put Damian Wayne in his place– “I know Robin, he’s my best friend… trust me you’re no Robin!”).


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