Flash: Rebirth to Conclude December 23

Flash: Rebirth #6 (thumb)Once Flash: Rebirth #5 was pushed back to November 11, I don’t think anyone really expected the final issue to come out just two weeks later. Now DC has made it official, rescheduling Flash: Rebirth #6 for December 23. Merry Christmas, Flash fans! 😐

Dates for Blackest Night: The Flash have not changed.

Some interesting facts:

  • That’s 6 weeks after issue #5’s current release date.
  • It’s 12 weeks after the issue’s original release date (September 30).
  • Oddly enough, it’s 3 weeks after Blackest Night: The Flash #1 is scheduled to ship. (Thank you, DC, for not postponing it!)
  • It makes the miniseries 38 weeks, or almost 9 months, from start to end.
  • That makes it an average of 7.6 weeks between issues. The first three issues, which shipped on time, were 5 weeks apart.
  • Last year, the final issue of Wally West’s solo series, The Flash #247 was released on December 24. If this sticks, that means that two years in a row, a Flash series will have ended the Wednesday before Christmas.

Thanks to @kukheart for spotting this change. I’ve been checking daily, but he got there first today!


13 thoughts on “Flash: Rebirth to Conclude December 23

    1. Kelson Post author

      I can’t say January would surprise me at this point, but I don’t really care anymore unless it causes something else to be delayed. Though if the monthly ended up launching first, it would be kind of odd…

      1. ElfGrove

        I doubt another delay would surprise anyone now, which is kind of sad, honestly. Yes, it would definitely be odd to see the ongoing launch before Rebirth ends.
        .-= ElfGrove’s latest blog post: Palm "Trees" =-.

  1. Craig MD

    I have to say, no matter what caused the delay (script, art, etc.) its a pretty bad sign for a book that was so hyped when it was first announced.This really won’t help sales of the series. Here’s hoping the Blackest Night mini and the two new “monthly” series’ will keep a regular schedule.

  2. Aleclom

    Oh, how I hope this release date sticks. Then we can finally see the foregone conclusion and move on to series with better artists (not a fan of EVS at all).

    1. ElfGrove

      Agreed. I’m not a huge fan of EVS either. He’s very detailed, but something about it isn’t quite my cup of tea. I’m looking forward to seeing Manapul on the Flash ongoing.
      .-= ElfGrove’s latest blog post: Palm "Trees" =-.

      1. Freddie Ray

        I’m not much of a EVS fan myself. His musical interludes on Facebook along with his hateful political rants there and on the Bendis Boards, have not only shown what a screw up he is. It also shows his total lack of professionalism. I don’t really like his art, but I like him less as a person.

  3. Ben

    Im a huge fan of EVS, and he seems a great bloke aswell, but this is beyond a joke. But living in the North of Austrailia has taught me, the best things are never on time. Sure it will be worth the wiat

  4. kukheart

    theres way too much entertainment out there to worry over one storyline buy its crazy really, i love EVS but i can only hope he sticks to minis and special events and not a regular title, im not going trough this again

  5. KC Flash

    Oh well, on the bright side the wait hasn’t been as bad as Straczynski’s, “The Twelve.” Now that I think of it, “The Twelve” actually refers to how many years it will take to complete – Ha!

  6. mattchee

    Just like that Barry Allen…. always late!

    In my opinion… I think with mini series they should have it in the can before they start releasing it.

    I think that with this, of all projects, they should have done so. With year after year of failed re-vitalization attempts on the Flash character, this is the ultimate attempt, and they’re bungling it. If they’re trying to hook new fans, this is a great way to lose their interest.

    I’m hoping that in the grand scheme of things, this series is one that people would go back to later as a trade, once the new book (or books) is/are off the ground and (hopefully) a well deserved hit.


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