Custom Blue Lantern Barry Allen Figure on eBay!

As a Flash collector I spend a lot of my time on eBay. Whether it’s looking for good deals on action figures or hunting for some rare gem of a collectible, I spend a lot of time on the site. This afternoon I came across a pretty sweet custom of Blue Lantern Barry Allen up for auction. Interesting to note that the custom is astonishingly pretty accurate to the official action figure of Blue Lantern Flash by DC Direct design wise.

I actually think I dig the custom on eBay a little more though. Especially the way the belt is worked right into the Blue Lantern chest design as opposed to being awkwardly painted over it. The previous design may work in the comic but on an action figure it stands out a lot more than it should. This custom is being brought to us by nissan_nx2004 and Black Lanterns Green Arrow and Hawkman are also included in the auction.

Pretty nice huh? The auction is currently at $75.00 with 2 days and 21 hours left in the auction and you can view it here. The listing also has some additional pics of Blue Lantern Flash and Black Lanterns Green Arrow and Hawkman.

Devin “The Flash” Johnson


4 thoughts on “Custom Blue Lantern Barry Allen Figure on eBay!

  1. Logan

    The original figure is the Identity Crisis Flash Figure. I believe this to be one of the best molds of the Flash, looking similar to the cover of Flash V.3 #207, a few years back. The painting is well done, converting it to a Blue Lantern. However, the belt is Wally’s V belt, and not Barry’s line belt (because the figure is Wally from IC). Kudos on the find, I wish I had the cash…

  2. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

    I’m aware it’s a Wally figure. When people make customs though it’s just like art and it’s open to interpretation and different styles. The figure originally was Wally but when he customized it, he made it Barry. The belt and such are just stylistic touches.
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