Flash Comics #1 Sells for $450,000

It’s not a million, but a near-mint copy of Flash Comics #1 recently sold for $450,000 on Heritage Auctions. This 1940 comic book features the first appearances of both the Flash and Hawkman, and lesser-known characters Johnny Thunder and the Whip. This “finest known copy” of the issue previously changed hands for $273,125 in January 2006 and was ranked the fifth most expensive comic book in 2008. The new buyer placed an anonymous offer through the Heritage Auctions website.

This comic book is part of the remarkably well-preserved Mile High Collection. In August 2008, HA pulled in $553,583 for issues #2-24 and #60 from the same set.

They’ve also got a copy in Fine/Very Fine condition that’s asking a mere $12,500

If you’re like me, half a million — or even $12,500! — is a bit out of your price range. 🙂 I mean, I spent four years looking for a copy of Flash Comics #33 that I could get for around fifty bucks!

Not to worry: the budget reader can pick up the first Flash and Hawkman stories for a lot less in the Golden Age Flash Archives, Vol. 1 and Golden Age Hawkman Archives, Vol. 1. The issue has also been reprinted in full at least twice, in 1975’s “Famous First Edition” series and again in a 2000 “Millennium Edition.”


4 thoughts on “Flash Comics #1 Sells for $450,000

  1. Luke

    My friend Adama and I have a similar dilemma with our favorite DC characters. Hawkman’s first appearance is here in Flash Comics #1, while his favorite, Green Arrow, first popped up over in More Fun Comics #73, which also features the first Aquaman! No way we can afford those books!
    .-= Luke’s latest blog post: Custom Black Lantern Hawkman =-.

  2. chickenmonkey707

    Speaking of rare Flash comics, Does anyone have or know someone who has The Flash TPB Crossfire and would sell it to me for fairly cheap? If ANYONE could help me it would mean a lot. Thanks.

    1. Kelson Post author

      I was going to suggest checking on Google Product search, but even that only turned up copies at $70+. If you know of a store that keeps a decent stock of back issues, it would probably be cheaper just to buy the original issues (Flash vol.2 #183–191). Mile High Comics seems to have most of them, though I didn’t add up the pricing.

      1. chickenmonkey707

        Thanks! That’s probably what I’ll end up doing. One of my local comic shops has most of them, and I think Mile High has the rest. But, if you do come across a decently priced TPB, let me know!


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