Speed Reading: Justice League Re-Covered, Flash Humor, Blackest Night and More

Some Friday morning linkblogging…

Once Upon a Geek presents the Justice League #1 cover redone with action figures

Newsarama writes about the Secret Origins of Geoff Johns and Kevin Feige in the office of Richard Donner.


Abbracadabbling looks at the long road to a Flash movie.

Comics Should Be Good contends that Kurt Buseik unwittingly ruined DC/Marvel super-hero comics.

Living Between Wednesdays is annoyed by a revelation in Green Lantern #52 that doesn’t line up with current scientific cosmology…or even the rest of DC’s space mythology.

Top Cow’s Filip Sablik talks about Information Overload at Newsarama — a topic which Geoff Johns has brought up on several occasions when talking about his new approach to the Flash.


This noscans_daily Macro Monday thread includes some funny Flash Rogues captions. (For those who aren’t on LiveJournal, the “Adult Content Warning” is a blanket one for the group. Last I looked, this thread was still work-safe.)

Despair, Inc. has a new Flash shirt (link via @SpeedsterSite) that reminds me of a certain Fred Hembeck comic strip from a while back.

And on a similar, but more canon note, What Were They Thinking?! presents the Flash vs. Captain Pantsless.

Update: An April Fool’s joke from Screen Rant: Michael Cera cast as the Flash.


2 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Justice League Re-Covered, Flash Humor, Blackest Night and More

  1. papa zero

    I haven’t read the GL in question or the most recent Blackest Night, but I’m not a huge fan of this kind of “world rebuilding.” If I recall correctly it is revealed in an earlier issue that the Earth is the origin of all life. That doesn’t really work when the age of the planet is measured against the age of the universe by a longshot. Even our sun isn’t so old relatively speaking. Creating a backstory like this nessecitates a convoluted exlpanation followed by more housekeeping with more absurd stories down the road. Or, they’ll retcon this whole idea anyway.

    I have the same problem with Hunter Zolomon’s powers. He is a great character but the current undstanding of spacetime leaves no room for distiction between his powers and those of The Flash. If they can reference the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in Crisis on Two Earths than SOMEONE at DC has to know something about the Theory of Relativity.

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