Speed Reading: Things to Think About

More linkblogging! Here are some (mostly) non-Flash-related posts on general comics, fandom, and online community issues.

Orbital Vector analyzes an aspect of super-speed that’s usually glossed over: Just How Old is the Flash, subjectively? (via dhusk’s comment on the Flashes’ experience post)

Techland has eight questions for comics creators to consider before putting a book on the market. (via @SpeedsterSite)

Multiversity Comics looks at some of the pros and cons of waiting for the trade.

Comic Vine has 5 Things to be Aware of When Buying Back Issues.

What do websites with open comments do when they realize that people are jerks? Reining in Nasty Comments. (via @ThisIsTrue) I’m reminded of Penny Arcade’s expression of the Greater Internet ****wad Theory (NSFW language): Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total ****wad.

Technologizer tracks down the origin of the term Fanboy (via The Beat)

High Five Comics considers The Problem with Madame Lady Girl-Woman.

In the 1940s, Crash Comics introduced a super-hero named Blue Streak. He was a “skilled fighter.” With that name, how did they not make him a speedster?

There have been a lot of articles on the battle for the future of Comic-Con International, but one question jumped out at me in this one at Deadline Hollywood: Jeff Katz asks, “Are you a fan show with trade elements, or are you a trade show that lets in fans…or is there a happy medium?”


2 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Things to Think About

  1. Kyer

    Informative tidbits as always. (I love this website!)

    Might I add on the purchasing of old comics/trades that if you buy a trade from a regular bookstore chain (like I have the misfortune to have to do most times) that they might have stuck one of those insidious sticky ‘security’ white bars in it where you might miss it until it’s too late and it CAN’T be removed because the little pale leech is stuck, stuck, stuck! *argh!*

    I speak from experience. Heed my warning.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Or worse: those metal coil stickers, where you can sometimes remove the outer layer of paper, but the inner layer of foil just sort of shreds and won’t go anywhere unless you spend 15 minutes with a paper towel and some Goo-Gone — assuming, of course, that it’s stuck to a glossy cover and not to plain paper.


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