Speed Reading: Recommendations

The linkblogging catchup continues!

Comics Should Be Good features Flash #54: “Nobody Dies” (William Messner-Loebs and Greg LaRocque) in their Year of Cool Comics. It’s one of my favorite one-issue stories from Wally West’s run, and not surprisingly it made the reader-selected list of top 10 Wally West stories a few weeks later.

A bit off topic, CSBG also reviews Mysterius the Unfathomable. It was a fun fantasy/horror/comedy miniseries last year, and is now available as a trade paperback.

Multiversity Comics recommends the new Flash series. Among other reasons: “he has a secret identity which actually gets used, instead of being forgotten for more exciting superhero stories.” And of course, “Flash has some of the best and most fleshed out rogues in the business.”

Update: One more! Several Flash storylines appear in CSBG’s Greatest Mark Waid Stories Ever Told list: Dead Heat, Terminal Velocity and The Return of Barry Allen.


2 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Recommendations

  1. Kyer

    Yeah! Nobody Dies is one of if not the best Flash v2 one-shot issue. I love Wally trying to convince himself that ‘it’s too late already’ and failing so wonderfully to turn a blind eye. Every time I read that one I can picture the DCAU John Stewart slapping the back of Flash’s head and calling him an idiot then telling him…you did good, kid.

    Got to admit that one of my favorite aspects of Ignition was that we got to see Wally as Wally more. Usually he was only unmasked when with family…a sporting event….not nearly enough West without the costume. Flash v3 has started out well in that regard…we get to see Barry Allen a more than The Flash.


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