Speed Reading: Comic-Con Follow-Up

SyFy Balloon and OmniSome links related to the Flash and Comic-Con International.

Francis Manapul writes about SDCC, Beast Legends, and Flash #4.

Titans Tower Monitor Room has been posting convention sketches from Comic-Con International, including Kid Flash by Sean Philips [Update] and another Kid Flash by Francis Manapul.

DC Comics has teamed up with Converse for super-hero shoes, starting with Batman, Superman and Green Lantern. Somehow they managed to skip the hero who’s famous for running.

I’m still working on my overall convention report. Here are Thursday and Friday. Half-done, half to go!

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4 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Comic-Con Follow-Up

  1. Touch of Grey

    As the owner of a pair of yellow Converse and a pair of bright green Doc Marten boots (Inertia, hi, remember him?), I can honestly say that I’d lay down some cash for a pair of Flash sneakers.
    Hal Jordan on a shoe. Who wants that? Not me, at any rate.

  2. Ken O

    Devin, those are fantastic.
    Right now I’m pretty happy with my Clash Chucks. As much as I think Flash shoes would be cool, they’d probably be too bright for me to wear.


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