Who Should Play Wally West?

Today’s guest post is by Kojo Manu

It’s no secret that Warner Bros. and DC Comics have started, stalled, restarted, and once again stalled many of their film properties in the past, but it doesn’t stop the speculation. One property that I always wanted to see brought to the big screen (and love to speculate about) is The Flash.

Unfortunately (sort of) it seems that DC is focusing more on bringing Barry Allen rather than Wally West to the screen first. but it’s still fun the speculate on my favorite person to don the Flash costume.

I decided to make a blog casting the Scarlet Speedster and to hear many other people’s opinion on who should Wally West/The Flash. Here are my top 3 choices:

3. Dustin Milligan.

Milligan was in the comedy Extract with Jason Bateman and Ben Affleck, and was a regular on the first season of 90210. The thing that I like about him is that he just seems like a “normal guy” which is exactly what Wally West is. He’s an up and coming actor who can actually be pretty funny from the few things I’ve seen him in.

2. Adam Brody.

I know loads of people are going to discredit me for this…but I didn’t mind The OC. The drama parts for me were meh, but the comedic moments especially the ones between the main family really got me into the show. One of the main family members is the lovable nerd played by Adam Brody. Brody is hilarious and his comedic timing never falters. Also, he is able to hold his own in serious dramatic moments as well as shown in episodes of “The OC” and in the movie “In the Land of Women”.

Video clip: Favorite Seth Cohen lines.

1. Scott Porter.

I’m going to come right out and say it. I think Scott Porter is Wally West, hands down, no questions asked. They are just so similar in so many ways. Both born and raised in small towns in Nebraska, both love comics and that kind of hero worship, and both really seem like down to Earth normal guys. Not to mention the similarities in their looks at times it actually seems that artist used Porter as a model for when they were drawing Wally. The best part of it is that Porter is also a damn good actor. His portrayal of Jason Street in Friday Night Lights was very convincing (along with the rest of the cast) and moving at many times. If he is overlooked when WB starts casting Wally West, then I’ve lost faith.

Besides those 3 there are other great choices to play Wally West or even his recently revived predecessor Barry Allen. If DC/WB can get a roll on a Flash film (as well as Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, etc.) I’m positive it can join the great ranks of all the other excellent superhero films.


6 thoughts on “Who Should Play Wally West?

  1. Perplexio

    I believe back when discussion of a Flash movie first surfaced back around 2003. David Goyer was attached to the project and he mentioned his first choice to play Wally (as this was well before Barry was resurrected) was Ryan Reynolds. In 2004 I tend to agree that Reynolds would have been a great choice for the role.

    Since Barry has been resurrected and Ryan Reynolds has already been cast as Hal Jordan I haven’t given much thought to who I believe should play Wally. I read one fan suggest that Robert Patrick be cast as Jay Garrick in a brief cameo appearance. Honestly, I think he’d be the perfect Garrick. I think Neil Patrick Harris would be the perfect Barry… and I’ll defer to you on your choice for Wally– Scott Porter. I don’t know much about him so I’ll trust your judgment.

    1. PookDogg

      I think that for Jay Garrick – The guy that plays House would be good, Barry Allen – That guy in the Human Target Show would be a good fit (also would’ve been a great Steve Rogers). As far as Wally West, I think that the kid that played Iceman (Bobby Drake) in the X-men movies would be a good fit as well…


  2. Flynn Cook

    I think there’s no question–Jay Garrick MUST be played by John Wesley Shipp. Not only does he have a window into the “Speedster” thing, but he also looks the part, is in good shape, and would help lend to the whole “legacy” aspect, just from it being him. And it’d be nice for the franchise he had faith in to give something back to him for working so hard on it.

    My pick for Barry is Chris Pine. Wally for me is, too, Scott Porter.

  3. Sandor_Clegane

    Scott Porter would be a great choice for Wally. I really doubt they’ll include Kid Flash in a serious film, though.

    Which doesn’t mean they won’t feature Wally at some point – I could see another lab accident happening in film 2, and they allude to him becoming the Flash in the future. Or, a better idea:

    If one of the sequels is about Zoom, Barry has to take care of his punk nephew in the beginning of the film. Then he travels to the future to battle Zoom and bumps into an adult Wally, who’s also traveled to the future to take down Zoom. Wally would be wearing his 90s / shiny costume, except maybe even more futuristic. Wally saves Barry’s bacon and they take down Zoom together. Barry realizes he has to get back to our time to take Wally under his wing – to ensure someday he becomes the Flash he met in the future.

    That’d be pretty cool, and very…Flash-y.

  4. Speed

    Dustin Milligan as Wally west
    Jamie Chaung as Linda Park
    Mark Valley as Barry Allen
    Vicki Lewis as Iris west Allen
    Guy Pearce as Captain Cold
    Timothy Olyphant as Mirror Master
    Eric Christian Olsen as The Trickster
    David Tennet as Weatherman

  5. Rachel Snideman

    Don’t get me wrong. I love NPH but Niel cannot be Barry Allen. He may be able to portray a convincing Trickster or Piper. But not Barry. Niel’s personallity is too different than Barry.

    My opinion is Bradley Cooper for Barry and either Scott Porter or Xavier Samuel for Wally.


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