Save The JLU Campaign (Join The Fight)

Earlier this month Mattel announced through their Facebook page that they would only be releasing two of the eight JLU 3-packs initially announced, and that based on the performance of those two sets they may release the others down the line.

To that end, some users from the Action Figure Insider Forums banded together in an attempt to try and get these last six 3-packs released.

First they started a Save The JLU Facebook Page and then a Twitter page, which Mattel themselves actually now follow. You can show your support by also liking the JLU page and following them on Twitter.

Several fans have even began making promotional materials for the cause. The first two were made by a user named Christhorne and the last one by a user named uberfriend:


Great work by both of these guys! I wish them lots of luck in their campaign (especially since I need that Vandal Savage in my collection). I’m going to be buying two sets of the Golden Age set from Matty and I encourage all that want to see the rest of these releases to do the same. I just hope I don’t have any issues with their site or they sell out before I get a chance to jump on them. I think the fact that these are actually desirable characters (not Parademons) will do a lot for the sales. Even though Jay had never been on the show,  I was still holding my breath for him after the release of Barry. I have no real use for Alan or Carter and I definitely don’t need two of them. Maybe we’ll be giving one of the packs away as a contest prize in the near future. You never know…

Speaking of which, congrats to the Winner of this week’s “Where Was Wally?” Contest and thanks to everyone who sent in answers! The next contest begins tomorrow, so dust off those back issues and get to work finding out “Where Was Wally?”.

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Devin “Flash” Johnson


4 thoughts on “Save The JLU Campaign (Join The Fight)

  1. kyer

    I would like Jay, Alan, Guy, and Savage.

    But in the meantime I found that Imaginext Target exclusive set and got it. (I had to. It was Wally. And Hal. And this cool green jet. Why Hawkman was there as well I dunno as I don’t think his wings would fit in the jet. Mebbe he’s the hood ornament?

    1. kyer

      Whoops. (I need Professor Zoom to do a retcon for me. That remark about the Imagnext was for F’ing Monkey’s April 15th toy pictures from the link provided here. Curse ye, oh multiple open browser tabs…)

        1. Kyer

          *face palm* Don’t I know it! Fortunately, in the case of Super Friends he has the white eye lenses to go with the angled belt so I’m reasonably sure it’s actually Wally and not Barry rifling through Wally’s closet again. 😛

          I’m not actually a fan of Super Friends which is obviously geared towards very young kids…maybe even more so than Tiny Titans, but I’d recently seen the Green Lantern jet in a preview scan and…that was just the icing on the cake.

          Really do wonder about this set though….having Hal as one of the characters makes sense…but even if this is SF, it would have made more sense if his companions were Kyle, John, or Guy. (Not that I’m complaining about Flash being in there.)

          Plus, it beats a toy of Flash on a Flash motorcycle. hahahaha…ahem. (oh wait…Hot Spot. oy.)


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