DC Universe Classics Blue Lantern Flash Carded Images and Wally West Custom

Hey, Speed Readers! Earlier this afternoon Mattycollector.com’s Facebook page released carded images of DC Universe Classics Wave 17, Mattel’s own Blackest Night Wave. Of course any Flash fan that has been following the last few years of the DC Universe would know that Barry was deputized into the Blue Lantern Corps during Blackest Night and has already seen a release in the DC Direct Blackest Night Wave. Now DC Universe Classics collectors get a shot at him:


One cool thing to note that was absent from the DC Direct version of this figure is the ability for this figure to hold his included Lantern. The DCD version sports closed fists. In addition to that the figure has 23 points of articulation and has a lighter color scheme. Despite feeling pretty burnt out on the whole Rainbow Lantern thing I will still be picking this figure up. The completest in me will not let me pass up on it.

I also came across an auction posted by eBay seller, Last_Galaxy for a custom Wally West action figure in his latest uniform:

The figure’s base looks to be a DC Universe Classics Barry Allen with a sculpted on lightning belt, lightning forearms and Wally’s new (JLU) symbol. Still hoping to see some version of this figure from either DC Direct or Mattel soon. I really do not care who makes it I just want it! The auction ends in about 4 days and can be found HERE.

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3 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Blue Lantern Flash Carded Images and Wally West Custom

  1. Lia

    Hmmm, I’d like to compare the Mattel BlueBarry with the DCD one to see which is better. If I like the DCD one better, I won’t get this one. Being able to hold the lantern is definitely a plus, though.

  2. Married Guy

    Just asked the missus if I could buy the Wally figurine.
    I should’ve just bought it and surprised her when it arrived in the mail!!

  3. Ken O

    That Wally is fantastic.
    Still unsure if I need a Blue Lantern figure. I suppose I’ll make up my mind if I ever see one in the wild.


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