Young Justice Cancelled?!?!


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So yesterday afternoon Cartoon Network released their 2013-2014 Fall schedule with two very noticeable omissions: Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, currently the only place where Flash Family fans can get even a semblance of satisfaction. The series appear to have been replaced by a revived version of the old Teen Titans cartoon entitled Teen Titans Go! (after the comic adaptation) and the latest Batman animated venture, Beware The Batman.


For all those saying that they didn’t see this coming they must have had some hardcore blinders on. When the Young Justice toy line was cancelled I knew that this show was on life support from then on. WB and Cartoon Network are all about maximizing their profits and this comes from advertising and selling toys. That and the endless hiatuses just kind of spelled doom to me. Poor Green Lantern never even got a toy line and with the failure of the movie franchise it was only a matter of time before they traded him in for their number one toy and ad space seller, Batman.


So thanks for all the memories Young Justice. From the adaptation of The Flash v2 #1 to the first appearance of the Flash family (Wally, Barry, Jay, and Bart) on screen it has been quite a ride for us Flash fans. We also got some awesome Kid Flash action figures out of this series (and almost got another Impulse), something we probably won’t get again for a long time.


We do still have a video game coming up that should hopefully be a nice send off to the world of Young Justice. I definitely plan on picking up Young Justice: Legacy.

So who is going to miss Young Justice? Who is looking forward to the next animated Justice League project? What do you all think of the replacements? Let us know in the comments below.

Devin ‘Flash’ Johnson


23 thoughts on “Young Justice Cancelled?!?!

  1. ElfGrove

    Worth noting, since your article isn’t clear. The show hasn’t exactly been “cancelled”. Young Justice and GLTAS are not being picked up for 3rd or 2nd seasons (respectively), but the remaining episodes of the current series should continue airing to completion, around the March/April time frame.

  2. Devin Post author

    I thought it was pretty clear that when a show isn’t picked up for a renewal that means that they won’t continue past the current season. Usually this doesn’t have any bearing on the remaining episodes in the season and whether they are going to air as we are referring to the fall season.

    1. Kyer

      Yeah, if they have some episodes in the can but then decide to not make any more…that’s cancelled to me.

      This really makes me angry because…Flash Family. Plus only place that still seemed to cherish the DCU as it once was (which I have to wonder if that may be one reason why it got cancelled. That’s the cynical part of me thinking that….but damn it we just recently lost the Avengers show too while Ultimate Spiderman is still going on like a bad case of the flu.) Why they didn’t make more electronic games is sad because I rarely see young kids picking up action figures these days…they want video games for a system or on their phones.
      Despite liking Teen Titans, TTGo! is going to grate on me by the first commercial. That style of ‘story’ is only good in small doses. Batman? Eh. If it had been Superman, yes, maybe. Batman just isn’t in my top 10 favorite DC characters.

  3. Brian

    Good shows always come by and go, it drives my crazy though that even with such a huge fanbase and support, they still can’t keep profit up. This fall is seriously going to suck.

  4. GottaGoFaster

    Damn, I’m sure everyone on this board was hoping for another season with a timeskip and a little dose of animated Wally/Flash before he was utterly and completely forced into limbo. It’s a shame because there was once a time when I would have been THRILLED about TT returning but YJ was such a superior show in so many ways that I can’t help but feel cheated.

  5. ShadZ

    From what I understand, when it comes to animated series on cable, it is hard to tell if they are canceled. When a live action cable series ends a season, the actors, writers, etc. need to know if they have to come back, or they need to start looking for other jobs, so the cable network will give them an answer within a month or two. But when an animated series wraps a season, the actors, artists and writers go out and get other jobs anyway, and the cable network figures it can probably get most of them back if needed, so there is no hurry to announce cancellation or renewal.

    The announcement of the fall schedule shows Young Justice won’t be back in fall 2013, but CN could still start it up for Spring 2014 if they wanted. It’s seems pretty unlikely, given all the factors you mention, but you never know until the fat lady sings…

  6. Alice A

    I’m ridiculously angry about this. This show is GOLD and whilst I like Batman and enjoyed the Teen Titans, I don’t want more of them if it means no more Young Justice. I watch it for the Flash family too, by the way.

    Re: supporting the show by buying toys, in Australia they cost so much money that I can’t justify buying them and most places that sell them online don’t like to ship to Australia. Did I mention that we’re also behind by a season in Australia? I would buy the episodes on iTunes… only they’re not available on the Australian iTunes! No real way for me to really get some of my money into this. 🙁

    1. Devin Post author

      Trust me, they didn’t make it very easy for us state side either. A lot of the toys were a pain to find and a bunch of collectors never came across the 6 inch Kid Flash or Batman from the last wave. A lot of people still have incomplete Hall of Justice dioramas (the collect and connect incentive) because of the scarcity of some of the last waves.

      1. Kyer

        Amen to that! I saw maybe three characters at any given time….none of the larger ones save for Robin. No team figures at all save on the internet. No clothing, luggage, bedding, books, all the stuff I constantly see for things like Superfriends (which hasn’t been a cartoon for years.) Am thoroughly disgusted with Warner and CN. But, hey, Marvel’s doing the same thing…kiddie pseudo-anime over shows of substance. Even when five, I hated children’s shows that talked down to me. The shorts were fine for such drivel. If kids (and adults) only wanted drivel, why do they think the Tolkien series (detailed epic!) are doing so well and for so long?
        I’m ranting again. *sigh*
        What is it about comics that has the power to make me rant far more than rave and yet I keep hoping…

  7. Phantom Stranger

    Cartoon Network has treated their DC shows very shabbily in the past, and this is no exception. Young Justice was a great show that simply didn’t sell toys, and CN wants their cut of the toy revenues.

  8. Thunderbolt_005

    Will it (Tern Titans Go) be a Wolfman and Perez-Ishmael version? I would be down with seeing more Wally West.

  9. Thunderbolt_005

    Will it (Tern Titans Go) be a Wolfman and Perez-ish version? I would be down with seeing more Wally West.

    1. Devin Post author

      I wish. Teen Titans Go! is based loosely on that line-up with the exception of Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Jericho. Wally shows up way later in the series in a solo episode (and again towards the end as part of a large group of Titans.) but yeah don’t expect to see much of him. Although this could change.

      As far as the tone, Teen Titans Go! definitely is slanted more towards the comedic side of things. Not really my cup of tea personally.

      1. Kelson

        I quite liked the original cartoon – it was comedic, yes, but they were able to go serious and sometimes even dark when they wanted to. The Slade, Terra and Trigon arcs, for instance. They did a good enough job with Terra that I *almost* don’t mind that DC canceled the direct-to-DVD Judas Contract adaptation. Almost.

        I am a bit worried that the new series is supposed to be more in line with the DC Nation shorts, which are a lot more comedic than the original series. Fine for short subjects, but I’m not sure how well it can sustain an ongoing half-hour show.

        1. Kyer

          I love comedy, but…I guess the shorts would be considered ‘slapstick’? is not something I care for round-the-clock. Prefer a mix of comedy/adventure/suspense/just clean good camaraderie. That was what was so great about the classic JLI series. The animation is too cutsey. (Also, I’m no fan of The Sweatdrop.) 🙁
          Show isn’t even over yet and I’m severely missing the high-class animation and plot of Young Justice even if there wasn’t as much Barry and Wally interaction as I could have hoped for.

  10. Savitar

    I enjoyed the Green Lantern cartoon a lot more than any of Johns’ books. How the show handled the introduction of the Corps should have been how it was handled in the comics. The team dynamic was fun and I really liked the burgeoning love between Razor and Aia. I HATE that this show is now cancelled.

    As for Young Justice, the writing may have been on the wall for awhile but it still stings to see it made so. Way to crash the mode CN.

    As for the new shows, I don’t mind Teen Titans Go. I liked the TT cartoon but have to see how much of the comedy actually plays into it.

    As for Batman… Yet ANOTHER Batman cartoon. This is Warner’s problem. They need to stop looking at these characters as separate franchises. If they want to catch Marvel in the movie dept, developing and supporting a Justice League cartoon could help support any forth-coming JL movie.

    1. Kyer

      Yeah, my thought to. If Warner is only really interested in Batman then the viewing public is only going to look for Batman. Other characters will fail once their diehard fans…die off. Eventually (should DC still exist years from now) there will be 52 books of Batman family and Bat Elseworlds (and I can picture it: Batman, Batman & Robin, Batman & Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwoman, Robin, Catwoman, Batman & Joker, Batman & Alfred, Batdog, Batcat, Batcatfish, Batflash, SuperBat, WonderBat, Aquabat, The Batsignal Corp, BatLash, BatAnimalMan, SwampBat, Dark League of Batmen….heck, there may well be more than 52…), Warner will change it’s name to Batman Incorporated…and there will be less DC fans because everyone who never cared for Batman will have left for Marvel, Indies, or other media.

      1. Kyer

        (Of course the ‘other media’ options may well turn out to be: Alfred’s Kitchen Knightmares, Batmobile Top Gear, Batman Who, Batman CSI, Bat Wars, The Lord of the Bats, As the Batworld Turns…) 🙁

  11. West

    I’m almost too annoyed to write about this. Long/short: As I’ve said elsewhere, having so few episodes available for online streaming (and for such a short time) didn’t exactly help the series. It sure didn’t help me catch up on it. It’s 2013, dammit.

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