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UPDATED Media Blitz! Reverse-Flash Details Emerge in THREE New Interviews (via CBR, Newsarama, Comic Vine)

This week has already seen two three new interviews with the Flash creative team.  In pieces with Comic Book Resources, Newsarama, and now Comic Vine, Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato pull back a small corner of the curtain on their new iteration of the Reverse-Flash!


The duo eliminates at least one suspect, while providing some insight into the motivations and look of Flash’s new opposite-number. The Newsarama (and Comic Vine) interviews also feature a first look at preliminary pages from Flash #20!  Check out all of the chilling, UPDATED details after the jump!

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Box Art Revealed for Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Warner Bros. has released box art and further details for the July 30 release of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, the home video animated feature based on 2011’s Flashpoint miniseries. Casting was announced yesterday, with Justin Chambers and Kevin McKidd as Flash (Barry Allen) and Batman (Thomas Wayne).

According to, the special features include:

  • A Flash in Time: Are there other dimensions? Can time travel get us there? And if The Flash existed, could he really travel through time? Interviews with experts in mythology, theoretical physics and top DC writers will examine the science and legacy of the storytelling behind the fiction.
  • My Favorite Villians! The Flash Bad Guys: Acclaimed DC Comics writer Geoff Johns and others share their favorite Flash villains in this short film that gives viewers a glimpse into the Flash’s world through the eyes of some of the nefarious characters he has encountered over the past 70 years!
  • A Sneak Peek at the next DC Universe animated movie: An in-depth look into the next DC Animated feature film, spotlighting the cast and crew.
  • From the DC Comics Vault: Bonus cartoon episodes
  • The Flashpoint Paradox Audio Commentary

Update: World’s Finest has more details including a synopsis:

When time travel allows a past wrong to be righted for Flash and his family, the event’s temporal ripples prove disastrous, creating a fractured, alternate reality where the Justice League never formed, and even Superman is nowhere to be found. Amidst a new world being ravaged by a fierce war between Wonder Woman’s Amazons and Aquaman’s Atlanteans, Flash must team with a grittier, more violent Batman and government agent Cyborg to restore the continuity of Flash’s original timeline.

Jim Krieg (Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Batman: The Brave and the Bold) adapted the script, with Jay Oliva (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) directing and James Tucker (Superman: Unbound) producing.

So, what episodes from the vault would you like/expect to see? I’m hoping for “Speed Demons” from Superman, “A Mirror Darkly” from The Batman, “Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster” from Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and of course “Flash and Substance” from Justice League Unlimited. Though I can imagine they might go for alternate reality stories instead.

Vibe Meets Kid Flash – Do I Have To Say More? (Review of Vibe #3)

vibe 3 coverThis issue of Justice League of America’s Vibe (wow, what a long name!) marks the start of Sterling Gates’ run as writer for the title.  If this issue is any indication, Vibe is in very good hands…and I can only wish to see Sterling Gates write more stories that include Kid Flash as well.  Gates truly gets his characters – the transition for Cisco is smooth as glass from Johns to Gates, and this issue has just about the best characterization of Bart Allen that we’ve seen in the New52.  Vibe is well worth the read, and this series is quickly becoming one of the very best the New52 has to offer.


This Week: Justice League, Vibe, Plus Mercury Falling & Hell to Pay

DC Universe Presents #19New comics featuring the Flash this week:

Justice League #19: Last month, the Justice League added a few members. So how long will it be before it loses one for good?

DC Universe Presents #19: In this final issue, what time displaced-hero has arrived on our world—and is the destruction he brings the herald to a great disaster? Edit: It turns out he’s only on the cover.

Justice League of America’s Vibe #3: Vibe vs. Kid Flash. What is the one super power that is more than a match for Vibe and how can it tear the universe apart?

Digital back-issues newly released through ComiXology:

Flash #126-127: Major Disaster strikes the Flash’s new city of Santa Marta, while the undead Rogues terrorize Keystone City in “Hell to Pay”

Impulse #65-66: Impulse battles Inertia. Can they set aside their rivalry long enough to save Max Mercury’s life? “Mercury Falling” concludes.

New Cast Members Revealed For ‘Flashpoint Paradox’ Film

TV Guide has announced the casting of the Flash and some other prominent characters of the upcoming animated film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Justin Chambers will voice Barry Allen and Kevin McKidd will play Thomas Wayne. Interestingly, both actors are stars of Grey’s Anatomy.

flashpoint tv guide

TV Guide goes on to list some of the other actors signed on for the film:

The all-star cast also includes Michael B. Jordan — star of this year’s Sundance darling Fruitvale — as Cyborg, the half-man, half-robot government agent/hero; Southland‘s C. Thomas Howell as Professor Zoom, aka the Reverse Flash, the villain at the center of the turmoil; Cary Elwes as Aquaman, Vanessa Marshall as Wonder Woman; Sam Daly as Superman; Ron Perlman as Slade; and Danny Huston as General Lane. Warner Bros. Animation vets Kevin Conroy, Dana Delany and Nathan Fillion reprise their roles as Batman, Lois Lane and Green Lantern, respectively.

As previously announced, the Flashpoint film will be released July 30th on Blu-ray, DVD, On Demand and digital download formats from Warner Brothers Animation and DC Entertainment.

Are you looking forward to the film? What do you think about the actors who have been announced so far?

Dial H for…Speed Force? (Review of Dial H #11)

dial h 11 coverThe title Dial H goes back for a very, very long time…all the way back to Robby Reed in the Silver Age (does the word “sockamagee” mean anything to you?).  But, this volume of Dial H has a decidedly different approach from the cute hero-for-a-moment formula, one that works very well in the New52.  In this series, there are actually several dials out there, even one for becoming a sidekick who follows the lead of their “hero”.  Up to now, the special powers granted appeared to come from somewhere outside the reality of the New52…but not anymore!