A Very Dangerous Reverse Flash Takes Center Stage In Flash #20 (review)

Flash #20 Final CoverIn The Flash #20, the all-new Reverse Flash stars in what promises to be a fantastic story arc, pitting his very different power set against The Fastest Man Alive!  Barry has his job back…in a way, and starts a new page in his personal life just in time to see the biggest danger he has yet to face in the New 52.  If you have been missing out on The Flash, this is a great time to jump back on and take a look at this excellent series.


The Reverse Flash visits Marissa in her jail cell, killing her while taking away the Speed Force energy held inside her.  This new Reverse Flash apparently is looking for all the Speed Force energy he can gather…but for what we don’t know at this point.  Barry and Patty are moving in together, with Barry seemingly ready to turn the page in his personal life for the better.  He is also back at work, in a way – sent down to the basement to handle cold case files.  It is in this place that Iris visits Barry, bringing a present as congratulations for getting his job back (and yes, this definitely smells of a love triangle that should last for quite a long time).  They are interrupted by Patty, who lets Barry know they are looking for Gomez.  As Barry tracks Gomez down, he finds out that there is someone trying to kill those who were touched by the Speed Force…but who?  Meanwhile, a device comes in to the cold case storage room that has a tie to Albert’s death. Barry is able to activate the device and can only find one clue – one that leads him to…next issue.  You’ll have to read the full issue to get that one.

This is a great issue, with plenty of action mixed in with the intrigue.  The chase with Gomez involves some classic Flash moves that are most welcome to see here.  And, placing Barry down in the cold-case room sets him up perfectly to be able to act as The Flash without creating that “where did Barry go?” issue at work.  I’m also enjoying this budding love triangle – like a lot of Silver Age and later fans I’m hoping for Barry and Iris to get together some day, but frankly I’m also enjoying reading about his relationship with Patty and am in no hurry to see this resolved.  Manapul and Buccellato are once again weaving multiple story threads expertly, with excellent pacing and the same amazing artwork that has set a new standard for comics storytelling.

The bottom line – The Flash #20 is a great place to jump in if you have missed any Flash stories before.  The story arc that starts here promises to be a classic – don’t miss it!


4 thoughts on “A Very Dangerous Reverse Flash Takes Center Stage In Flash #20 (review)

  1. Lee H

    I get the impression that Reverse-Flash is killing people with Speed Force powers so that he can increase his own powers and rewind time far enough to fix a mistake in his own past.

    If he turns out to be Daniel West, he could be trying to stop himself from getting arrested five years ago. And perhaps he figures that it’s okay to kill people, because after he’s fixed his own past he’ll have no need to become Reverse-Flash, so he’ll have erased all of the murders from the timeline as well.


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