Batman & The Flash: Hero Run Mobile Game Out For Android and iOS!


Batman & The Flash: Hero Run Mobile Game Out For Android and iOS!

Hey Speed Readers,

So a few days back I got a phone call from a friend informing me of a new Flash and Batman-related mobile game. At first I dismissed the news as one of those lame unlicensed mobile apps that lets you fly a reasonable facsimile of your favorite character against generic enemies (especially because of the odd pairing of Batman and The Flash). But nope, sure enough there is a new mobile game available for the Android and iOS featuring Batman, The Flash and a couple of surprise characters.

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Officially licensed by Warner Bros. and released by Mobile Gaming mainstays, GREE, and Ace Viral, Batman & The Flash: Hero Run is in a particular genre of mobile gaming called an endless runner. Essentially, you start out playing as Batman or The Flash racing through either Gotham City or Gorilla City on foot. The game pretty much consists of dashing into villains, collecting coins and basically playing like Sonic Adventure-lite. There are some card collecting and combat elements to mix things up a bit and some related unlockable characters like Catwoman, Gorilla Grodd, and the Joker.

The Flash is not immediately available after the initial install but after a short tutorial, Barry becomes your second playable character. I’ve also seen the potential to unlock several different costumes and skins including curiously enough a Wally West costume. Thankfully the suit is Pre-New 52, but it would be interesting to see a recently unveiled costume show up in a licensed product so soon. Grodd also has a King Grodd variant that I’m more than positive is based on his more recent portrayal in The New 52 Flash book where he has managed to harness the Speed Force. There is also a Black Flash skin available. These additional materials can be acquired through purchasing one of the available Character Card Packs (comes in Common, Rare, and Ultra Rare).


As for the gameplay itself? Mindlessly simple but at the same time kind of difficult. I’ve never been a big mobile game player so I was pretty bad at this starting out, but it is really easy to get a hang of and really your only hinderance will be your reflexes (or lack thereof). It is possible to spend tons of stupid money via micro-transactions within the game that allow you to upgrade what the game calls gadgets (Batman starts out using a Batarang and The Flash uses hand-spun tornadoes called Tornado punches), purchase in-game currency (gems or coins) or power ups that allow you to utilize the Speed Force to slow time, speed ahead, or chew punches. Fortunately, it is also possible to get these things the traditional way and since I sank enough money into Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense, I spent the last few days playing this game almost non-stop to give you all a glimpse at what to expect when it comes to unlockables.


It’s fairly obvious the motive behind a Flash AND Batman ‘Endless Runner’ is that Batman (in the WB offices and probably many other places as a result of said WB’s actions) is that character that is going to get people to chime in to what is essentially a Flash game. I mean wouldn’t it have made more sense to make a Superman and The Flash game seeing as how they’ve had a million races over the past 60 years? As I was explaining to my speed twin earlier this week (same name, same speed, same kick-ass mentality) who just happens to be a Batman fan he was like “Huh? Why is Batman randomly in a mobile endless runner game?” Seriously, the only reason that Batman is a part of this is to raise the awareness of the Flash. I can’t say that I’m angry at their motives, especially since as I mentioned, the game is a LOT of fun, but at the same time…Sheesh!

I can’t say this enough: Have some faith in your properties! You can’t possibly expect to gauge interest on the bare minimum of efforts and you won’t reap any of the rewards until you put some work into your other properties. Point, blank, period! Do you guys expect to make the sequel to Man of Steel as long as it’s title? At the very least unless you expect to make Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, six hours long I don’t see how you are going to cram everything you should have been doing over the last TEN years into it.




*AHEM* Back to the game itself. No, there isn’t a whole lot to it and there really isn’t anything wrong with that;  it is a FREE mobile game after all. In my opinion, these games pretty much exist to waste some time at the checkout line or the DMV; At best time-passers and at worst money-wasters. Judging it based on that criteria I have to say that this game is pretty dang great. And playing as Wally West again in a game is worth the price of (free) admission alone. The only thing is you will have to unlock him which will take either some time gathering coins through the game or spending 5 bucks in real cash to get the necessary gems and coins to purchase one of three aforementioned Card packs that each feature an assortment of different characters. This is where the trading card elements of the game start to come into play. By playing the tutorial you will gain access to the New 52 version of The Flash (Barry) so it would seem like there would be no point in purchasing the Common Character Pack. However by leveling up two cards to a point you can then “Evolve” them to a higher level to help you more efficiently gather enough coins for the rarer and more expensive packs.


Below are all of the unlocked Flash-related characters.





I have to say that I do take issue with Wally’s bio a bit. I think them referring to Barry as the “True Flash” is a little much but I guess with everything that has been going on with the new Wally West and the New 52 in general this statement probably isn’t too far off the mark. Especially as far as DC themselves are concerned.

BatmanFlashHeroRun7 BatmanFlashHeroRun9

Back to the gameplay, as I said before, very simple, but still could use some improving and tweaking. Particularly when it comes to touchpad responsiveness. Admittedly my Samsung Galaxy S3 is a couple years old now but my Galaxy Tab is practically brand new and it can definitely get laggy at some points.

As far as other aspects of the game? The only thing I can really ask for would be more characters and more stages. As of now you can only play in Gotham or Gorilla City with the promise of a third stage to be coming with a future update. In fact right there in the stage select it says to stay tuned for further stages. I’m crossing my fingers for Central City.


All in all the game is definitely worth checking out and this type of game is the perfect fit for The Flash. Batman & The Flash: Hero Run is available for Android users in the Google Play Store and for iOS users in the App Store for FREE. Please let us know what you think of it in the comments below.



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  1. KoderKev

    I agree Batman in this is strange. It would have made more sense to use this game to drum up excitement for the new TV show and have a skin of Grant Gustin (like Injustice did with Arrow). Don’t these people THINK?


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