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Flashiness of LA Comic Con 2016

I missed the Flash TV cast panel at this weekend’s Los Angeles Comic Con (formerly Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo) due to a combination of LA traffic, road closures, full parking lots, and a ridiculously long line. I picked up my badge at 1:45pm. You can read the whole saga at K²Ramblings, or head over to my photo gallery on Flickr.

Judging by Instagram there were plenty of Flash-themed cosplayers, but I only spotted a few, and only caught two on camera. Wally West as the TV Flashpoint Flash…

Killer Frost and Whitney Frost  Cosplay at LA Comic Con 2016 Wally West TV Flash Cosplay at LA Comic Con 2016

…and how often do you see Killer Frost and Whitney Frost (from Agent Carter) together?

“Monster” Images, And The Official Synopsis For “Shade”

The CW has released still images from next week’s episode of The Flash, titled “Monster”. Here you can see Caitlin meeting her mother, Dr. Carla Tannhauser (guest star Susan Walters). You can see the rest of the pictures at SpoilerTV!

And here’s the official synopsis for “Shade”, which is set to air on November 15th.

“Shade”— (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)

WALLY HAS VISIONS OF BEING KID FLASH — When Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) starts having dreams about being Kid Flash, Barry (Grant Gustin) realizes he has to tell Wally, Iris (Candice Patton) and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) about what happened to Wally in Flashpoint in order to keep him safe. JJ Makaro directed the episode written by Emily Silver & David Kob (#306). Original airdate 11/15/2016.

This may be leading up to Wally meeting Dr Alchemy to get his powers restored, and who knows how that’s going to end.

Hoping for Wally to become Kid Flash in this reality as well? Share your thoughts!

“Now You See Her…” Review of TITANS #4

img_6282“The Return of Wally West” continues in epic fashion as the battle with Abra Kadabra is at center stage. Kadabra’s doppelgangers of the Titans are gaining the upper hand while Linda Park’s life hangs in the balance. Wally will have a terrible choice to make, with implications that go far beyond winning the immediate battle. I’m not sure we’ve ever seen Abra Kadabra so ahead of his game…want to know more? Join us after the jump!


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Kid Flash of Two Worlds! Review of THE FLASH #9

img_6281This is an issue that I want to give a 10/10 just for the reveals…and there is SO much more than the two Wallys meeting here. No issue can have the impact of the original “Flash of Two Worlds”, since that story introduced us to what we now know as the Multiverse. But, “Kid Flash of Two Worlds” still should be fondly remembered as we go forward for what this story DID give us…want to know more? Just follow us after the jump!


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“Monster” Teaser

The CW has released the extended trailer for next week’s episode of The Flash, titled “Monster”. You’ll want to watch this week’s episode before viewing it.

Interestingly, the trailer’s pretty different from the official synopsis for the episode. And I can’t say I was expecting that kind of enemy in this series!

Looking forward to the episode? What are your thoughts about the motivations of H.R.? Feel free to share them here!