“Rogues Reign” Part Three – Review of THE FLASH #84

The Speed Force isn’t dead…but it IS out of control. Barry, Wallace and Avery have found a surprising ally in Lisa Snart, but can she help a Flash team that is afraid to use their speed? Things are looking bleak in the Cold Kingdom, but even if the Flashes win the world is still set to end soon. What could possibly give them any hope? Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Barry, Wallace and Avery are wearing suppression collars to avoid the out of control Speed Force. That slows them down considerably while following Glider to the home of Weather Wizard. This Rogue has also been changed through Cold’s deal with Lex Luthor, but all he wants right now is to be left alone until the world ends.

Weather Wizard, like most of Central City believes Flash is dead. When Glider tells him that was a lie, he still wants proof, so he blasts the collars on all three speedsters. That was not the best choice, as their Speed Force connection goes completely haywire! The only thing that stops the subsequent melee is Glider herself. Her deal with her brother was to return the ribbons that had previously kept her astral form connected to the physical world. Those ribbons seem to have the ability to dampen the Speed Force, at least for a while. This gives Lisa a chance to explain the whole situation.

The original plan to use Mirror Master’s Lex-infused tech to steal Central City was Lisa’s own idea. But, she didn’t know how jaded, how “cold” her brother would become. She knows that this isn’t what the Rogues have ever stood for, and she is willing to help Flash to turn things around. To do that, they need more pieces of that now-broken mirror.

Weather Wizard finally agrees to part with his piece. But, ahead lies Mirror Master himself, and he won’t give his mirror pieces up without a fight. That means Barry must somehow relearn how to control the Speed Force. And, it isn’t going well at all…

…So Glider and Weather Wizard call in some help.

That help? Mick Rory, aka Heat Wave! That’s where we leave things for this issue…


  • Len Snart is starting to have his doubts. It isn’t enough to turn him away from the path he has chosen. But, it’s just enough for him to question the end game with Lex Luthor. The hope of Glider and the rest is to push that doubt even further – to realize that he can’t really win if the world ends.
  • This is a VERY interesting twist – the Rogues are teaming up with Flash to stop one of their own. It’s a cool concept, and Joshua Williamson’s script continues to impress. Williamson has become one my absolute favorite Flash storytellers…and keep in mind I’ve been reading THE FLASH for over 50 years.
  • Once again, the artwork is AMAZING! The action was perfect, the expressions were spot on, and the digital effects drove home the chaos that the Speed Force is creating for our speedsters.  Kudos once again to Christian Duce, Luis Guerrero, and Steve Wands. Bravo!

SUMMARY: I’m enjoying this arc tremendously, even more than I expected going in. This issue is a 9/10 for me. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do  YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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