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“Rogue’s Reign Aftermath” Review of THE FLASH #87

The battle for Central City is over, the “Rogue’s Reign” has ended, and the time for reckoning has begun. Problem is, it’s not just time for reckoning for the Rogues. The Speed Force is still out of control, and so far there doesn’t seem to be a cure. The Flash and the once-again-just-Captain Cold are headed to a place far outside Central City. It’s a place more familiar for another DC Hero…and another set of bad guys. How does all this wind down? And, what it the next threat the Flash will face? Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“Rogues Reign” Part Three – Review of THE FLASH #84

The Speed Force isn’t dead…but it IS out of control. Barry, Wallace and Avery have found a surprising ally in Lisa Snart, but can she help a Flash team that is afraid to use their speed? Things are looking bleak in the Cold Kingdom, but even if the Flashes win the world is still set to end soon. What could possibly give them any hope? Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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FLASH: YEAR ONE (Issue 72)-A Classic in the Making

There are so many questions in the Flash mythos that are being answered in fresh, new ways…while staying true to the core elements of the first hero of the Silver Age. Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter are giving us a FLASH story for the ages. Grab your copies, bag and board ’em, because these are going to be true collector’s items in the future. Chapter Three of FLASH: YEAR ONE is no exception – a fantastic story that furthers Barry Allen’s journey into the hero we know today. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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DC Collectibles Solicitations For Sept/Oct 2013!

Hey Speed Readers,

So DC Collectibles put out their solicits for September/October 2013 and one item of interest stands out to New 52 Flash fans:


The DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 look of The Flash’s Rogues Gallery member Captain Cold is perfectly captured with this action figure based on his all-new design.

On Sale September 2013 • Action Figure • $24.95 US

*Allocations May Occur


Yeah, yeah I know *New 52 grumble*. Still great looking figure and one that I can’t wait to add to my display. I’m loving the ice accessories that match up with his current powers (makes the $24.95 price point a bit easier to swallow) and what looks to be a swanky removable hood so we can see New 52 Len in all of his glory. We haven’t had a new Captain Cold six-inch version since Mattel’s ( mostly disappointing, imo) DC Universe Classics Captain Cold which while detailed (with removable gun and holster) they flubbed his height when compared to the other Rogues in the line. He looks super short standing next to Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang.

The good Captain has had two previous DC Collectibles (DC Direct) figures that both pretty much knocked it out of the part. The first was from DC Direct’s 2001 Rogues series featuring Captain Cold (in a beautiful sculpt reminiscent of Scott Kolins’ work on Captain Cold in the Flash) and came with his freeze gun and removable glasses. The figure still holds up well compared to the more recent releases from DC Collectibles but this figure came out 12 years ago so we desperately need some updated Rogues in the line up. The second came about through DC Direct’s Alex Ross Justice line based on the 12 issue maxi-series. This one definitely has the most detail of all of the Cold releases (removable gun from holster and you can kind of pull down the hood to get a glimpse at Len pre-New 52).  Unfortunately the “good” captain is horribly out of scale with just about all of your average DC Direct/DC Collectibles releases not to mention the stylistic differences (being based on the photo-realistic art of Alex Ross) makes it stand out big time among a display of basic DC Direct/DC Collectibles figures.


So who else is looking forward to adding a New 52 styled Captain Cold to your display? Any other Flash Rogues you hope to see from the New 52? Let us know in the comments below!