The Reverse-Flash Family! Review of THE FLASH #756

We’ve just finished “Flash Age”, when the Reverse-Flash actually teams up (temporarily) with our favorite Scarlet Speedster to defeat Paradox. Of course, as soon as that battle was over, Eobard Thawne showed his true colors in killing [REDACTED].  Now, Thawne believes he’s finally figured out why Barry Allen has always gotten the best of him. Barry had a Flash Family – so Thawne is out to build a family of his own! It all starts here, going around the world and even through time! Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


This issue follows Thawne through several eras as he gathers up his crew. He is taking each one at a time where he can best use them. Thawne lets them know that the future isn’t so bright for them…unless they join him. So, who do we get for the Reverse-Flash Family, soon to be know as the Legion of Zoom?

  • Gorilla Grodd, from the time he was still ruler of Gorilla City
  • Len and Lisa Snart, pre-meta powers from two years prior to this story
  • Trickster – not Axel, but James Jesse.
  • Turtle…and….

The Tornado Twins? Yes!

…except this is not the Don and Dawn Allen you may remember from their first appearance in Adventure Comics back in the 60’s. This version appears to be full of hate, and already doing Thawne’s bidding!

Now, as for Barry Allen…Barry is trying to push away everyone. He is steeling himself for the one thing he believes he must do – end Thawne as a threat once and for all. Does that mean killing Thawne? Iris seems to believe that – and she isn’t going anywhere. Neither are Avery and Wally.  That’s where we leave things as we set up the Reverse-Flash Family arc!


  • Joshua Williamson has a little something for everyone in this issue. Miss the pre-New 52, pre-meta Captain Cold and Golden Glider? Check. Wanna see Grodd at his most powerful? Check. Miss James Jesse? Got him here. Throw in a villainous version of the Tornado Twins and you have the start to something awesome.
  • Lest we forget Flash’s latest motivation, we saw Thawne kill Godspeed last issue. August Heart’s death has brought to the surface all the reasons Barry wants to finish Thawne for good. Will Barry kill? Will he find another way, as he did against Paradox? We’ll have to wait for that answer as the arc unfolds.
  • Artwork for this issue was spectacular. Thank you and kudos to Christian Duce, Luis Guerrero, and Steve Wands.


This is meant to be a setup for the arc, and it does that job most effectively. You not only get everyone’s motivation, but you get a truly formidable group of villains together to face Barry down in this arc. This looks to be a wild ride, and I’m looking forward to the rest of this story. I’ll give this issue a 9/10 – of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!



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