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Speed Reading: Rebirth, Crimson Lightning, Turner Tribute and More

Fellow Flash blogger Dixon of Crimson Lightning writes about catching up on his Flash comic index and launching a new feature, “Fast Talk,” all about the technobabble with which the Flashes breeze past the laws of physics.

Wizard Magazine’s 2009 preview, shipping in December, will feature an interview with Geoff Johns in which he talks about Flash: Rebirth. (via Comic Bloc’s BESTBUY)

That Flash neon sign coming in June? Comics Infinity is offering pre-orders for 10% off. (via aeryncrichton)

Aspen Studios’ planned tribute to founder Michael Turner has been making the rounds at The Pulse and elsewhere, and Newsarama has followed up with a short interview with Vince Hernandez.

Hiro and DaphneThe Pulse interviews Brea Grant, speedster Daphne from Heroes. Anyone else notice that they still keep dressing her in red?

Finally, Comics Should Be Good has a list of the Top Five Flashes. I’m sure most Flash fans will find something to disagree with in this list. 😀

Heroes’ Brea Grant: Comic Fan

Access Hollywood writes about “rising star” Brea Grant, who plays speedster Daphne Millbrook on Heroes. While it had previously been reported that she prepared for her role by reading a box of Flash comics, it turns out it wasn’t just research: she’s a self-professed geek.

Brea is so much of a fan, that she attended this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con as a regular fan of the genre and caused quite a stir on the convention floor when other fans who were treated to a sneak peak of the new season of “Heroes” recognized the actress — something Brea got a kick out of.

They also ask the fluff question of which super-hero she’d want to date (No one asks the guys this kind of question, do they? Do reporters ask Milo Ventimiglia, “Which superheroine would you date?”), and the Flash does make her list, even though “he wasn’t always a good boyfriend.” Judging by Wally West’s track record, it’s pretty clear which Flash she’s talking about.

Bits and Pieces: Interviews and More

First off, Newsarama interviews Alan Burnett, whose 4-issue arc on The Flash started last week. He very carefully avoids giving out any spoilers, but talks about how he got the assignment and his history with reading The Flash.

Former Flash writer Mark Waid, now Editor-in-Chief of BOOM! Studios, speaks with writer Rockne O’Bannon about his upcoming Farscape comic books at Newsarama.

Marc Guggenheim, the final writer on Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, talks to the Pulse about Spider-Man, where he applies the Chewbacca Defense to “One More Day” and the end of the Spider-marriage, and to CBR about Eli Stone. (Pulse link via Lying in the Gutters; Comics Should be Good riffs on the OMD comments)

Monday’s Heroes featured the show’s first on-screen speedster, Daphne Millbrook. It was also a very good premiere. Season 3 is off to a much stronger start than last year.

Todd Klein, who designed the first post-Crisis Flash logo in 1987, looks at dots and dashes in comic lettering, and how the typewriter gave comics the double-dash (--) instead of the more standard em-dash (—). Among his examples: the last issue of Flash Comics and the lead story from Showcase #4, the last and first solo Golden Age and Silver Age Flash stories.

Speaking of Todd Klein, last Spring he wrote up a 4-part study of the Flash Logo from 1940 through the present day: Part 1 · Part 2 · Part 3 · Part 4.

Heroes: Villains’ Speedster: On the Set

CBR has an extensive interview with Brea Grant, who debuts as the super-speed villain Daphne Millbrook in Heroes Season 3: “Villains.” In it she talks about her character’s personality and journey, as well as the show’s effort to make the speedster’s powers look authentic. “We’ve talked about the physicality of it,” she says, “as well as there are just practical elements to it. I have to run a certain way, stop really quickly or stop on a dime.”

Daphne also starred in a two-part comic book story earlier this month, “Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration,” by Zach Craley and Micah Gunnell. The story is available on NBC’s website: Part 1, Part 2.

Heroes Speedster Studies the Flash

According to the L.A. Times‘ Show Tracker, Brea Grant, who plays the super-speedster Daphne in the new season of Heroes, prepared for her role by reading a long box–worth of Flash comics.

A little ball of Texas fun, Brea Grant said that it was “kind of daunting” joining the “Heroes’ cast but prepared herself for her super-speed role well, being the “nerd” that she is.

“I read a bunch of Flash comics, and now I have about this many (spreads her arms about three feet apart). I tried to watch the Flash TV series, but it was really bad.”

She also discusses the possible uses of super-speed in ordinary life:

“If I had it [super speed] in real life … it’d be amazing. My room would always be clean. I’d never run out of cereal…”

It’s worth noting that in the season opener, she appears wearing red. Yes: she shows up as a scarlet speedster.