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Comic-Con 2013 — Well, That Was Different

It often takes me several weeks to finish writing up the whole Comic-Con experience, and while I’ll probably think of a few things I need to add somewhere, I’ve actually finished already, just hours after the convention’s end.

You can read my full article at K-Squared Ramblings, where I write about:

  • Trying to blend the chaos of Comic Con with the chaos of a toddler.
  • Booth-sitting for Brian Buccellato.
  • Doing the impossible: adding a night’s hotel stay during the con (and not at the Bates Motel!)
  • Losing Friday afternoon to a stay in the emergency room. (Food allergies. We hates them.)
  • Breakfast fiasco and success.
  • Thwarted attempts to get exclusives.
  • Protester parodies, floating minions, giant Teen Titans, and lots and lots of LEGO.
  • Oh yeah, and costumes too.