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Six-Word Stories

Last month, Secret Six and Wonder Woman writer Gail Simone posted a few fiction challenges on Twitter. I responded with some Flash-related micro-stories:

Condense the plot of a comic, six words or less. #.

Barry’s back! Wait, it’s not him. (This being the plot to The Flash: The Return of Barry Allen)

Seven word story, describing the the last minute of a comic character’s life #

Slipped on banana peel at Mach 23.

How are comics characters spending the holidays? #

Christmas. Wish I could slow down.

How I Would Open Final Crisis #4

After weeks of waiting, Final Crisis #4 is only two days away. I meant to post this last month, but pushed it off to look up some numbers, and never got around to it. So, before it gets Jossed, here’s how I would open the post-skip-month Final Crisis based on what we saw at the end of issue #3.

(Spoilers for Final Crisis #1-3. I haven’t read Final Crisis: Revelations, so this may contradict or retread a bit.) Continue reading