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DC Signature Classics Wally West Action Figure On Sale Tomorrow! ***UPDATED***

Hey Speed Readers,

Now we can finally do this:



Just a friendly reminder that the long-awaited, heavily requested DC Signature Classics Wally West action figure will be available for sale on Mattycollector.com tommorow at 9 a.m. PT/Noon ET.

A figure that has been requested since the very beginning of the DC Universe Classics line, Wally will be sporting an all new specially tooled head featuring his look from around the time of his Justice League Europe appearances along with the appropriate tan from that era. This of course means that Wally will be in his most iconic uniform that he started sporting from the Flash v2 #50 on, as originally drawn by artist, Greg LaRocque.  A lot of collectors can also finally put a nightcap on their Morrison-Era League and the modern Titans (for the most part, sorry Garth).





For those interested or still on the fence about the figure I procured one via eBay months ago and managed to snap some close up shots of the figure that you can see HERE . Although if that Flash museum shot isn’t enough to sell you I don’t know what is. Since this could possibly be the last Wally West Flash figure for a long time I suggest you pick one up pronto. Matty has stressed that there will be even more limited numbers available for day of sale purchasers so don’t wait if you want it. I will still be purchasing an official Mattel release as well if only to have the slick box art on display. I don’t think I’m ever going to toss any of those boxes.


Wally West goes on sale tomorrow 5/15/2013 at 9 a.m. PT/Noon ET. You can go directly to the Wally West sale page by clicking HERE. Wally retails for $20.00 usd plus shipping.

So who plans on picking up the long-awaited Wally West figure tomorrow? Does anyone plan on passing? Please let us know why in the comments below.



Wally West has sold out at Mattycollector.com! If you missed him you may find some luck on the secondary markets such as eBay or Amazon but definitely expect to pay more than the $25.90 that most of us paid for the figure if you want to get it on card and not loose.

As I mentioned before, this may very well be the last bit of Wally West Flash merchandise that we see for some time. If I hadn’t started going buckwild with finally deciding to collect other DC characters this would have been a great little jumping off point for collecting. But it is what it is.

Keep your eyes peeled for pictures as soon as Wally arrives!

Interview: Greg LaRocque on “Flash: The Return of Barry Allen”

Today’s guest post is the first in a series of interviews by Greg Elias on The Art of Speed.

In 1988, Wally West was powerless, penniless and nearly homeless. With Flash #15, the creative team of writer William Messner-Loebs and artist Greg LaRocque began their memorable take on the title. Throughout their run, Loebs and LaRocque established the touchstones of Wally’s life in Keystone City, including many of the character’s major themes and a supporting cast that remains vital. LaRocque was also on board when writer Mark Waid took over, starting with issue #62 in 1992. Wally West continued to bloom under Waid, reaching new levels of confidence and self-assuredness each month. Wally’s road back from that low point played out over five years and 64 issues.

Each and every benchmark during that time, including the landmark issue #50 and introduction of a new Flash costume, was seen through the eyes and pencils of LaRocque. Previously associated with a highly- regarded body of work on Legion of Super Heroes, his style would end up defining the Flash for longer than any artist since Carmine Infantino or Irv Novick.

Perhaps no storyline is more closely identified with the development of the Wally West character than 1993’s The Return of Barry Allen. Within, Wally is faced with the shocking apparent return of his deceased uncle and mentor, Barry Allen, the second Flash. This was LaRocque’s last stand on the title – his final run with the character he had drawn from the depths of poverty and doubt. We asked LaRocque about his work on the story, focusing on the construction and the subtleties of putting together a super-speed coming-of-age.

Q: One of the things that defines The Return of Barry Allen is the super-speed action sequences. You’ve got Johnny Quick and Max Mercury in the mix, along with Wally West, Jay Garrick and “Barry Allen”. Given the larger cast, and each character having the same power (and somewhat similar costumes), what were some of the challenges in constructing these memorable scenes? Was there an attempt to define each character’s own “style”?

GREG LAROCQUE: That is best demonstrated in the construction scene when Max Mercury teaches Zoom a lesson in technique. Mark wrote it out for me in the script & it was a challenge to visually portray the different ways the cast displayed their skills. With Max, he was all about grace & fluidity, like water, like mercury. Zoom ran & moved effortlessly because he was the fastest & gloating. Jay & Johnny were the traditional full speed ahead runners.

Quick note on Wally. I never drew him running. He GLIDES like an ice skater.

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Speed Reading

Some linkblogging for the weekend.

Speed Reading: Recommendations

The linkblogging catchup continues!

Comics Should Be Good features Flash #54: “Nobody Dies” (William Messner-Loebs and Greg LaRocque) in their Year of Cool Comics. It’s one of my favorite one-issue stories from Wally West’s run, and not surprisingly it made the reader-selected list of top 10 Wally West stories a few weeks later.

A bit off topic, CSBG also reviews Mysterius the Unfathomable. It was a fun fantasy/horror/comedy miniseries last year, and is now available as a trade paperback.

Multiversity Comics recommends the new Flash series. Among other reasons: “he has a secret identity which actually gets used, instead of being forgotten for more exciting superhero stories.” And of course, “Flash has some of the best and most fleshed out rogues in the business.”

Update: One more! Several Flash storylines appear in CSBG’s Greatest Mark Waid Stories Ever Told list: Dead Heat, Terminal Velocity and The Return of Barry Allen.

These Are The Greatest Wally West Stories Ever Told

Comics Should Be Good has posted the results of their reader poll for the Greatest Wally West stories ever told. It’s technically a top ten list, but they included eleven stories because the #10 winner was essentially a prologue for one of the other winners.

It’s interesting to break down the results by writer:

  • 7 by Mark Waid (including the top three)
  • 2 by Geoff Johns
  • 2 by William Messner-Loebs

In a way it’s surprising that Geoff Johns, DC’s current superstar writer, isn’t more heavily represented, but it also makes sense. Mark Waid’s run on The Flash was very much about Wally West and his journey through young adulthood (Messner-Loebs’ run even more so!), while Geoff Johns’ run tilted a bit more toward the Rogues.

Head over to Comics Should Be Good for the full list!

New Speedster Names (Humor)

Wally and Linda try to come up with new names for the third Flash. Lightning, Cheetah, Pegasus...Last night I logged into Twitter and found myself in the middle of a storm in which people were posting joke names for speedsters. It all started when Geoff Johns posted the following:

  • @GeoffJohns0: RT @Brainiacphive Hello. I have a name for you for a Flash character: Speed Date. #newspeedsters #

Well, people went with it! You can read them all at #newspeedsters until the posts drop off of Twitter search’s radar in a few weeks. Some of my favorites:

  • jonahlantern: this one is easy. Bad guy team. Jamaican, with ice powers on top of speed. Cool Runnings. #
  • blacaucasian: Runs Really Fast. Because he runs really fast. #
  • mgrabois: Usain Bolt # (a popular suggestion, but I think this was the first)
  • jester1436: Quickstep and Foxtrot #
  • MarkWaid: Charlie Hustle #
  • Knippenberg: Captain 23-Skidoo #
  • mattfraction: Th Flsh # (@shanajeanh remarked, “too fast for vowels?” #)
  • Mike2112McKone suggested several, including: Zip, Zap, Whoosh, Reverb, Skid and iSpeed.
  • Bart_Allen: All Day I Dream About Speed– another corporate sponsored speedster # (in response to my suggestion of Sprint – and in case you’re wondering, look at the first letters.)
  • ValVictory: Krackle and Pop as in the sounds of the speedforce # (I suggested “The Sounds of the Speed Force” it sounded like a band, and VV agreed, saying “Anyone play bass?”)
  • ValVictory: happy fun American run fast time man — That one is from overseas. #
  • ValVictory: Sir speeds a lot — The U.K. flash #
  • bobbynash: Fast Bastard #
  • housetoastonish: Speedy Alberto Gonzales – He’s Quick To Judge #

Quicksilver? Very Taken.

Stephen Wacker chimed in with a number of characters based on people in the comics industry.

  • Ran Didio. Slow-ey Cavalieri. Street Tomasi. Matt Traction. Slowing Gates. “On your Mark, get set, WAID!” #
  • I can’t stop….Drag Rucka. Ethan Van Slider. Slow Quesada. Richard Running. gRANt. Chasin’ Aaron. Axel Alonso. #

And here are my own humble contributions:

  • Mr. Zip, of course! (As in the panels from “The Return of Barry Allen.” I was really surprised no one had suggested it yet.)
  • The Running Man
  • Sprint(tm), the corporate-sponsored speedster
  • The Hot Flash
  • Zoom’s little brother, Vrooom
  • Greased Lightning
  • Spud Racer – the Mr. Potato-Head Flash.
  • Theed Racer, the Flash from Naboo
  • Race Windu. He’s powered by Force Speed instead of the Speed Force.

Linda suggests Mr. Zip.