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“Blocked” Review of S5 Ep2 of THE FLASH

Nora will be sticking around Central City for a while, so Team Flash is trying to get things back to normal.  Problem is, nothing is ever truly normal for Team Flash.  Cisco is lovesick over Gypsy, Cecile is worried about losing her powers, Caitlin wonders if her father is still alive, the satellites are still not working so they can’t track metas…oh, and there is someone out there killing people with meta powers! This is a jam-packed episode of THE FLASH…and that’s actually a very good thing! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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For New Readers: The History Of Barry Allen’s Parents

The history of Henry and Nora Allen (best known as Barry Allen’s parents) can be a bit confusing thanks to a long history of retcons. For those new to comics, a retcon is short for “retroactive continuity”, and refers to the changes inserted into a character’s or an event’s history by later writers. Here’s an explanation of the elder Allens’ histories to date, with an emphasis on their interaction with the Rogues and other Flash villains.

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Nora Allen cast in THE FLASH Pilot

Deadline reports that Michelle Harrison has been cast as Nora Allen, Barry Allen’s mother. We learned in Barry’s Arrow appearances that the show picks up on the post-Rebirth* and New 52 history, in which she was killed during his childhood, and his father was falsely accused and imprisoned for the murder. (In fact, the show hinted that, as in the comics, the Reverse Flash is her real killer.) So we’ll be seeing her in flashbacks.

The pilot for The Flash starts shooting early next month.

*In the original Silver Age and Bronze Age comics, Nora and Henry Allen were still alive throughout Barry Allen’s superhero career. Flash: Rebirth involved the Reverse-Flash changing history.

History’s BIG Mystery – Review of The Flash #27

Flash #27 CoverThis issue of The Flash begins a three-parter in which Brian Buccellato gets to wrap up some story threads before moving over to Detective with Francis Manapul.  Looks like these are very important threads, as we start to delve into the biggest mystery of all for Barry Allen…


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