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Didio on Flash Numbering

So, will the post-Rebirth relaunch of The Flash start with #1, #351, #600…? Dan Didio answers in the latest 20 Answers and 1 Question at Newsarama.

14) The Flash relaunch after Flash: Rebirth. Will that continue with the old numbering, or will it launch with a new #1?

DD: There’s a strength to a #1 when we present it in initial sales, it creates that sense that this is a wonderful jump-on point. Everyone always comes and asks us what the best ways to attract new readers is, and one of the best methods we’ve got is putting a “#1” on something, because it helps the readers to feel that they’re getting in on the ground floor.

Conversely, the continuing numbering, once you get past those early numbers, those higher numbers creates that sense of history for those characters and gives the sense that they have longevity.

So we’re still discussing it, but I imagine you’re going to see a new Flash #1 after the end of Rebirth [emphasis added] – but we are discussing the overall numbering. The more interesting question is, if we do go to the original numbering, what number would we pick it up at? Some people would argue, with a good point, that the Wally West issues should add in there, but should the Bart issues? It’s an interesting argument. Right now, though, I’m thinking you’ll see a Flash #1 for sure.

I actually posed the question of what number picking things up with Flash number should start, and the argument in the room was very clear as to whether or not we would jump from Barry’s original run to this new run of Barry…but for right now, I feel very comfortable in saying that after Flash Rebirth, there will be a new Flash #1 – who that Flash is, I still can’t say.

“I still can’t say.” Yeah. As if anyone believes that they would go to all this effort to bring Barry back with a big event miniseries and relaunch, then put someone else behind the mask.

Also Flash-related in this round: a discussion of in-house advertising and why a sure-bet like Flash: Rebirth got a valuable double-page ad in last month’s DC books. And regarding “co-features,” he points out that they’ve been choosing characters for backup features whom they believe could carry their own ongoing or mini-series.

Flash News from MegaCon

It seems that MegaCon revealed more Flash news, as Dan DiDio and Ethan Van Sciver both chose Florida over San Francisco.

Newsarama posts from DC Universe:

Next up, DiDio introduced Ethan Van Sciver—who spoke at length about Flash: Rebirth which hits shelves next month. Van Sciver expressed his enthusiasm for the project and working with Geoff Johns by saying, “This is the book that Geoff and I have been waiting to do our entire careers—we’re returning Barry Allen to the DC Universe,” which was followed by an eruption of cheers and applause from the audience. Indicating that could not talk at length about the project, Van Sciver still managed to tease the audience, “In the first issue, Barry Allen will discover a dead Flash that will lead him to investigate real truths and the scary reality of being a Flash.” He paused, “The only other thing I’ll mention: Issue #3— Superman/ Flash race,” which drew another round of applause from the audience.

Yeah, because that’s what the Flash mythos needs: even more death. 🙄

DiDio asked the audience potentially re-numbering a Flash monthly title. A fan reasoned, “Either 598 or 351—depending on which Flash is in the book.” The panel marveled at how quickly the fan had responded with the numbers.

They shouldn’t be surprised — fans have hashed the topic to death online, long before bringing it to the panel!

There was a short discussion regarding George Perez’s earlier work on New Teen Titans when it was pointed out that two fans in costume, one dressed as Wally West/Flash and the other dressed as Starfire, were both creations from Perez’s first run on New Teen Titans. They were asked to come to the stage—Perez greeted them both warmly and said, “Who knew that creating Starfire would lead to having women dress up like her at conventions…” drawing a healthy amount of laughter from the audience.

Um…no, Kid Flash was not a George Perez creation. He did draw Wally in New Teen Titans, of course…

Also from DC Nation:

QUESTION: DC has been bringing back characters – Barry Allen Flash, Oliver Queen Green Arrow – each had characters existing that took their place. Is there a reason they don’t take on their own identity? Such as the multiple Atoms, the multiple Flashes, the multiple Green Arrows…

DD – Sounds like a great idea for a story some day!

More WWC Flash Hints

Saturday’s Wizard World Chicago panel, DCU: Crisis, added a few more tidbits of Flash news to the many hints from the DC Nation panel on Friday.

Newsarama’s report

Didio looked at Ethan Van Sciver, teasing about his involvement. EVS deadpanned, “Yeah, good stuff. I wish Geoff were here.” Didio followed up, “Which Flash would you talk about?” Van Sciver shot back, “Why not all of them?” Didio pretended to be incredulous “In the same book?” Van Sciver drove it home with, “Why not?”

Rumors of a Van Sciver/Johns Flash series were already floating around. But all Flashes? They might have to come up with a team name at this rate! (Blog @ Newsarama points out the reason Geoff Johns missed the panel: He was close friends with Michael Turner, and left the con for Los Angeles when he learned of the artist’s passing.)

CBR’s write-up adds:

DiDio didn’t want to comment on a rumor that Peyer and Williams would leave “The Flash” and a the series would be restarted with a new #1…

Well, we already know that Peyer and Williams are off the book. And it certainly looks like a relaunch of some sort is in the cards. But another #1?

Personally, I think if the series relaunches with Barry Allen, it would make more sense to pick up with #351 — right where his series left off. If Wally keeps the central spot, it should stay with his numbering. If it’s going to be a combined Flash book, I’d like to see them take a cue from Spider-Man and pick up where the numbering would be if the series had never been renumbered.

Let’s suppose that “This Was Your Life, Wally West” is a 4-parter, which would make it finish the same month as the end of Final Crisis. That would take the series to #247. So we’d have 350 issues of Jay’s and Barry’s series, plus 247 issues of Wally’s, plus 13 of Bart’s, bringing it to 610 issues total, with a relaunch picking up at #611. Or if you include All-Flash #1, Flash v.2 #0, and Flash v.2 #1,000,000, all of which fit into the normal monthly schedule, it would pick up with #614. Okay, so neither of those has the magic of a #500, but very few comic books have reached numbers this high.