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Last Day of Campaign: Help Artist Oliver Nome!

I previously wrote about the campaign to help Oliver Nome pay for his brain tumor surgery. Flash fans will recognize Nome from Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost last summer. Some of his other recent work includes Fathom: Kiana and Executive Assistant: Lotus at Aspen Comics.

Being a freelance artist, he doesn’t have health insurance, and cancer treatment is expensive. Not just the surgery to remove the tumor, but the recovery process and, as it turns out, radiation and chemotherapy. His agent set up a donation campaign to raise $20,000 by July 30, with rewards including original art and prints by Nome and his friends.

They’re almost at the goal, with only a few hours left. If you haven’t contributed already, please help out now. Even $1 helps.

Kid Flash Lost pages 4-5
Splash page from Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #2.

Review – Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #1

Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost is one of the more pleasant surprises to spin out of Flashpoint and the first time we’ve seen Bart Allen in a solo book since the end of Impulse way back in 2002. Yes, I am aware of the short-lived Flash: The Fastest Man Alive but that was not Bart Allen, at least not the Bart that I know and love. Sterling has managed to do what Geoff Johns, Danny Bilson, Paul De Meo , and Marc Guggenheim were never able to do; he has successfully captured Bart’s voice. That makes all the difference when it comes to my enjoyment of this story. Sterling has clearly done his research and given that he has reportedly pitched three different ideas for a Kid Flash series to DC since 2007 he obviously has a passion for the character. I have to say that they chose the right man for the job.

NOTE: This review contains spoilers regarding the events of Kid Flash Lost #1 of 3

The story opens with Hot Pursuit (a character introduced during the final issues of the last Flash series and obviously an integral part of the story) evading the police and from the get go it is made pretty clear that this is not the same Hot Pursuit that met his demise in The Flash #12. This new super speedster has stolen Hot Pursuit’s suit, Baton and Speed Force-powered motorcycle and escapes by riding up a wall (an old speedster trick) and soon disappears into the time stream.

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Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost

Straight from The Source:

Covers: Francis Manapul
Writer: Sterling Gates
Art: Oliver Nome

“Where is he? Or should we say when?”

Finally! Sterling Gates was attached as the writer for the Kid Flash series that Geoff Johns announced way back in Comic-Con 2009, the one that ended up being scrapped before launch. And Francis Manapul is of course the perfect choice for the covers. I’m not familiar with Oliver Nome, I found his DeviantArt page, including a drawing of Kid Flash.